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The Entire Gallery on DVD

** Lardsidious@hotmail.com **

This offer is still available to anyone who wants it but I've run out of room on a normal CD so I'm switching over to a DVD now since most computers come with DVD players now and DVD Blanks are fairly cheap. Though this does not mean the disc will play in a normal living room DVD Players, there is a chance it might work but I've mainly designed this to be viewed on a computer.

Ok for anyone who is fed up with the crappy download speeds of some of the older galleries, I've got a solution for you... I'm building an offline version of the whole website for those who want it. I will endeavour to keep up to date with the latest gallery plus there will be a few things on there I've added just for fun like, it's got some never before seen galleries that have never seen the light of the internet and I'm also I'm planning on putting some removed pictures on there and making all the new pictures in full size. So yea if anyone wants one or wants to ask me a question then just send me an email. All the current galleries are working fine just haven't had time to add much to it really but what the hell...

The DVD will basically come on a burnt DVD and you just pop it into your DVD-ROM in your computer and it should start up automatically and you can view the pictures at fast speeds or depends on how fast your computer is but in all cases it should still be better than getting it from the web.



This bit is just to tell you what's changed and stuff

V1.0 - Very first version

  • Stupid 2004 Swimming Carnival Pictures

  • Retarded Pictures at Auto Salon

  • Random Funny Pictures

  • Faster loading

  • A cool CD

  • Nothing else really

  • Trying to waste space now

  • Was rushed so I left out a few things, will fix them up next time around.

V1.1 - Not much change here with study and all

  • Fixed up some older galleries

  • Added Beach + Graduation, Luke Again

  • I'll add more stuff when I have time....


  • Converted the front page to the new style

  • Added heaps more galleries

  • Created Articles, achieves etc

  • Also changed to use a DVD instead of a CD since the new camera spits original shots at 1-2mb each

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