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Articles and Write-ups

Wollongong Report

Most people think about doing insane things when they are old or terminally ill, insane things such as bungee jumping or skydiving. I can safely say by 20 I've done the later, one down many more to go ;) Well for Tom's 21st we decided to travel down to Wollongong for the weekend for a bit of camping and of course skydiving. Here is a brief on how it went down.

Byron Report

From the 30/12/06 to 6/1/07, a large number of old boys and girls headed up the coast to funky Byron Bay which is about 10 hours north of Sydney. Here lies some of the most hectic drinking sessions of our lives. This report attempts to reproduce the day to day events of our trip as seen through my eyes. Beware this write-up is fairly long and I was trying to abbreviate most of it.

Explanation of the South Coast / Narooma Trip by Bedo

Another trip involving the always sneaky Bede and a handful of other deviants, making their way south of Sydney to Bede's relatives down in Narooma. This article was also written by Bede and details their random trip down south.

Explanation of the Hawks Nest/random camping trip by Bedo

This trip involved a few of the fellas heading up to Hawk's Nest for some male bonding and good times. Their plan to camp at Hawks Nest was foiled by some poor weather so they decide to try their luck at other camping sites and here details their adventure/misadventure while up north. Completely thought up and written by Bede himself.

Schoolies Report

2004 was a special year for us, it held many parties but most importantly it was the year of our breaking of bonds, our coming of age, our graduation and of course Schoolies. This exodus up to the gold coast was special in which it was probably the last time we would see the vast majority of friends from high school in one place at the same time. Schoolies was an insane time with equal amounts of drinking, some of the memories from this trip will be retold indefinitely til the ends of our days. This write-up describes most of the stuff that occurred in our building Surfer's Royale and the neighbouring Long beach resorts.

Past front page layouts

A look back on the evolution of this place, from it's simple beginnings at Luke's that spawned some of the most crazy adventures and fun filled parties one can have.

Old Descriptions

Originally the front page simply contained some links, news and a short description of what happened at a party. With time, the news and short descriptions slowly merged and the descriptions were soon unwritten and eventually removed altogether. Looking back on it now brings many sighs that only remembering your younger and more stupid years can do. I'm putting this here for completeness sake so you can read them and remember how it used to be.


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