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Welcome to the News Achieve, I decided that it was getting too long for all of this useless crap to be on the front page so your'll only see a few posts at a time about News so enjoy the rest of the site :) Reminds me how long this site has gone for and we've passed 7500 hits if anyone was counting ;)

3-11-07 - Hey guys, it's been quite a while hasn't it? Another session of uni/tafe is over for the year and exams are beginning or being wrapped up soon. Time's flown by and we've become more busy with work/studies etc. Tonight though we put all that aside and celebrate a special individual's 21st birthday, that person is Matt, for I remember the olden days of Matt's house parties and without his generous hospitality we would have ended up in Mill's park more often than not ;) Anyway it's been many crazy years Matt and I think if we ever stacked up all the bottles and cans we've used in our lifetime of drinking, we could probably reach the moon and some. Happy Birthday Matt, I and everyone else hope you had a great birthday and you're house wasn't too trashed afterwards. Also thanks to Lisa and Murray for their input for this evening, lots of crazy photos thanks to them.

These next few month will probably be some of the most intense drinking sessions we'll ever have, be prepared!

21-07-07 - Happy Birthday Luke! Sorry for the lateness of this update, last night was just too retarded, So many blues yuck. Anyway another birthday brought us together to get fucked up again and what more fitting than Luke's 21st, the drinking machine. It was a solid night's worth of drinking and I'm pretty sure everyone polished off all 2 cases of blues in the fridge. Also everyone notice the awesome cake floating around? well thats no normal cake my friends, it's a meatcake. That's right meat and cake. The reasoning behind this was that Luke just turned 21 and he can't eat normal cake anymore, he deserves a manly cake and hence the meatcake was forged. It has 3 layers of meatloaf with mash potatoes and gravy in between and more mash as the "icing" with a suitable slogan on top.

Aww man just found out uni starts on the 23rd not the 30th like I thought :( sucks but what better way to cap off these holidays then a night like Lukes. Also like to thank Lisa, Luke's mum, without her Luke wouldn't be here plus she has had to put up with so much crap every weekend it's almost not funny. So here's to Lisa!


19-07-07 - Woot, webhost fixed all the problems and now all of the galleries should be working fine. Added a few more from before from Bede's camera of Parklife 06, their Byron house and some sneaky adventures in the Blue Mountains. Luke's 21st will be this coming weekend, going to be some crazy stuff there for sure.

See you there

14-07-07 - Happy Birthday Rhiannon! although your birthday's like on the 15th we'll make it an exception this time :P Never really been to greengate before but it's pretty sweet place to get tanked that's for sure. Oh can't forget Harry's Birthday as well as Kris and Hannah, the races today were pretty crazy, funny what happened to Luke **sigh** Anyway loved the costumes, for those who didn't realise I was a rednut as the theme was something beginning with R, bet you the first thing that came to your mind was retard and boy when I left the place, was I acting like one. Oh yeah been learning some photoshop tricks, check out the lightsaber crap and yes I know it's corny and some of it is shit but I'm bored so sue me, for other random stuff check myspace. Can't think too pissed, need sleep. Happy Birthday Rhi, Harry, Kris and Hannah.

Always yours,

30-06-07 - Wow we've had quite a hiatus haven't we? Oh well nothing changed much, quite a few of us have jumped out of a plane and stuff (that'll come later once I sort some crap out with my webhost, also on a related note i got a new camera after an unfortunate event down at Woolongong) Tonight I celebrate the finishing of my exams and also the 21st Birthday of Jimbo, quite a turn out over at storey park, we got quite rowdy didn't we? Anyway I've been off the piss in ages, it's quite fitting a 21st would pop up right as I finish exams. Ok so much drinking was to be had, we didn't get Jimbo passed out but I'm sure we shaved a few years off his life expectance at least ;) All in all Happy Birthday James, (down below on the right) Boy it seemed like yesterday we were in high school socialising and generally fucking around and now look at us, at our peak and prime yet we haven't changed one bit :P

With respect,

(PS - I got his **speech** on camera but it was 300mbs so I couldn't host it, if anyone wants it then email me and I can make some arrangements)

24-02-07 - Another 21st to cap off one of the most enjoyable breaks from work/studies I've ever had. It's almost redundant for me to say that "this time was the best and will be hard to top" but every single year we always find a way to get even more incredibly smashed and have fun, oh well I'm not complaining. Anyways Happy Birthday Bingham hope we didn't put you into too much debt from the tab. I'm too tired to go on and uni starts on Monday so I'm going to go skulk in my corner so it might be a long time since another update so enjoy yourselves people, you're only 21 once in your life. Also here is some videos from Bingham's with some speech and then some drinking action but be warned it's pretty big!

Until next time Gadget!!!!
Dr. Keef.

18-02-07 - Oh no uni starts soon :( anyways Murray's 21st was interesting to say the least. Much was consumed and done so decent night all in all. Too tired to write more...

**Update I've merged my photos with Emmalyn's of Murray's party and they are order from earliest to latest. Thanks Ems :)

29-01-07 - Updated Elly's Party with some new browsing software. it's different to the software I use for the older photos but works in a similar way. The reason for this is all the older photos are hosted in the US same for the videos but I still wanted to use the good speeds from the space people like Kendall and Eric have lent me for the newer galleries as they naturally get more traffic. As I run out of room on the local servers I'll move them over with the others where you can add comments and stuff. Also most of the links at the top and bottom work now, I've gone and wrote some stuff and reused some others. Forums and the galleries sorta work, I haven't had time to play around with them too much so bear with me. Oh got a few pictures of Hack, Tom and Luke diving off Tree at Crosslands, some videos as well, Pretty insane, also got to see Delilah, one of the water bombing helicopters at Rofe Park, awesome machines.


PS - If the movies don't play on your computer, you can download them by pressing the download button on the top right, the icon has a down arrow pointing to a box.

19-01-07 - Kinda crazy night, it's 5:30 now so I'll just keep it short, had a awesome pool party and got filthy drunken as always and yeah the rest is history. The focus thing on the new camera is really pissing me off, if you focus it in the space between two people, the photo will be out of focus so I'll have to figure out what to do. Thanks Elly for having us, hope we didn't cause too much trouble. My Old folks are having a go at me so I'm going to go, hope everyone had fun.

Take it easy,

16-01-07 - Ok I've written a very long write-up on our adventures up at Byron for bored people and don't mind reading my incoherent babbling. I should be fixing most of these links sometime soon.

Enjoy and have a good one.

6-01-07 - We're Back from Byron Bay, I'll start by saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone. Byron was incredible, so much crazy drinking happened I don't know where to begin, As soon as we get there we whip out the alcohol and our Beer! drinking game and get totally off tap and before we know it we're walking along the railway tracks into town, headed for the beach hotel. Next day New years eve, lots more beer bongs and JägerBombs and before I know it I'm standing inside the beach hotel buying drinks for everyone without a clue how I got there. More craziness ensured, a few people left us to be replaced almost instantly and the more drinking was had to be done with alot by Bec (ha ha ha, I think you still owe us like 20 seconds from that drinking game ;) ) Anyway I think I've caught some disease off Matt or something so now I'm going to go lie down and die. I hope the photos explain it some more and also everyone else who had cameras gimme your memory cards and I'll put up your photos and you can also include some explaination if you want.

Blasted alcohol poisoning,

15-12-06 - I think the follow picture sums up what I have to say.

What-the-fuck.... As I said above even the weather couldn't prevent us from having a hell of a time. It's late for me so I'll let the picture do the story telling. Awesome night, heaps of people came and made it a fun night. By the way check out the Stockton videos if you haven't already. Happy Birthday to Drew, Pat, Mark, Sophie, Ned, Nikki and soon to be Rowan, Charli, Robbie C, Cass, Ryan, Eric and Emma. Hope you all have a good one and hope to see you all soon. I've really got to get off my ass and fix up this place but it's 5am right now and the sun is freaking rising so I best be off to bed.

Alrighty then,

08-12-06 - Apologies to those who could not play the movies from Stockton as they were encoded in the Xvid codec but I've reuploaded them now so they are just normal .avi straight from the camera so it should play fine on everybody's computer. If not google "K-Lite Codec Pack" and download this and install it and you'll be able to play almost every movie file available on the net.

05-12-06 - Wooooo Uni = over. As part of the holidays a few of us went up to surf the sand dunes at Stockton Beach. We arrived early and treked with all our alcohol, stopping every 10 metres or so since we didn't have a four wheel drive, forcing us to carry everything to our camping location. We got to about 1 km away from the car park and just gave up, set up camp and headed off to the giant sand dunes. You'll notice in most of the photos the weather was cloudy at first then got really good, keep this in mind as it's important later on. More people came to supplement our small encave of lost souls and we got off a few more trips to the sand dunes and into the water but unfortunately my camera didn't make it that long. My guess is sand got into the lense and just fucked everything up inside. Right now it turns on and goes to a blank white screen, oh well looks like time for a new camera. Moving on and by sundown we were quite merrily drunk and going crazy and that's when disaster struck. It seemed like Thor, god of thunder and Poseidon, god of the sea collaborated in jealousy at the fun we were having and sent forth a horrible storm with endless rain and relentless wind to batter our spirits. We retreated into our delicate tents, hopeful that the storm will blow over but alas nay, we must have done some terrible deeds in our past life for this storm lasted all night, and some of us couldn't take it any longer and embarked on a trek back to the dryness and safety of the cars. The rest of us tried sleeping but there is just so much howling wind one can take and by morning we had packed most of our stuff and slowly advanced back to our cars in the pouring rain. That ends the tale of our adventure up at Stockton. Lessons learn from this: make sure you check the freaking weather forecasting ahead of leaving for a camping trip. Let the photos and videos remember only our greatest moments and none of our lowest.

Will be seeing you all soon with uni over, should have much more time to fix up this place and hit the piss.

04-11-06 - Hey everybody, Like the new design and all?. I've been trying to find time to complete this for ages. Other things that are getting updated is the picture gallery display software thingy. I've gotten some good hosting so I've updated a few of the galleries to use this new software. it's a huge upgrade from before but it's limited to the old galleries for now. You can do heaps of stuff like leave comments on pictures, mark it as a favourite and other stuff that I haven't tried yet. I'm kinda like in the middle of exams so once they are all well and finished I'll try and finish the gallery stuff, new forums, guestbook and see if everything works. I expect a lot of things to be broken so bear with me.


22-07-06 - Sorry for the late update, <insert my usual rant about how much work I've got> yeah so paintball was heaps fun although we got our asses handed to us by the strangely invincible team led by Rhiannon, so to the victor goes the spoils yardy yardy etc etc.. **CHEATING SCUM**, excuse me that's just my tourette's syndrome playing up again. Anyways moving on, our D-day started around 8ish at some dingy little coffee shop off the Mt. White turn off, this is where we were met by an armada of cars eagerly waiting for the activities of that day. Threats such as "I'm going to shoot you in the face" and "You're going to get a mighty pistol whipping" were exchanged by the aggressive Neanderthals. Thus we followed Gimli or Gandalf or Pete or whoever in this single column convey of cars through the bush to his fine establishment in the bottom of a valley. Gear was tried on with some unusual banter coming from the change rooms, some rules were mentioned and swiftly forgotten ammunition purchased and loaded and then the fun started. No need for me to explain but a great battle was fought over a creek bed and many of my brothers and sisters fell but alas we could not hold them off. Similar story when we swapped sides. Even when we changed arena to where Ben's shitbox of a car was parked, we could only pull off a draw. After that we fought once again with Luke being our medic (boy did he get hammered :P) again that didn't go too well for us. The rest is pretty much history...

Hmm reading that over makes everything sound so bad but I assure you it was some of the best fun I've ever had sober ;) However some advice for future paintball adventures: be prepared with lots of money!!! when I mean lots I'm talking about $200-250 as paintballs often go fast but then again others who are more conservative won't need as much. For the guys, cups or a box or hector protectors do almost nothing but fall down to your ankles when you're running around even when wearing under dacks, they are more for the piece of mind since what are the chances of you being shot there? (I take no responsibility if you can not foster children if so happen to be nailed in the children bakery), The same goes for gloves I guess. Finally make sure you stretch before hand, Delayed onset muscle soreness is a bitch since you'll be running around and hiding in weird positions behind cover.

Private First Class,

14-07-06 - Wow what an awesome night, tonight we celebrate the birthdays of Luke, Rhiannon, Kris and Hannah plus the departure of Ander's for Canada. I swear those jelly shots were a god send, I have never been so wasted in my life (to be determined tomorrow morning). It was good to see old friends again after so long and it was nice to know certain fences have been mended (I hope) as such trivial things shouldn't have come between us. Happy Birthday to all those mentioned, I'll update it when I'm not so smashed but primary tonight have been for Rhiannon, Anders and Luke. I was planning an update to this page but I did not foresee my incredibly bad marks so I have to take an supplementary exam to make up for that :( so the update has been postponed until that's all over and done with. Hmm what else, oh yeah 4 litres of vodka plus a few kilos of jelly crystals = insane night, thanks to Matt, Luke, John and everyone else. Wish the skittle brew turned out better but that's another story. My best wishes to Anders for his trip to Canada, hope it turns out to be as fun as he plans it. An interesting night neither the less. crazy jelly shots, I'll report back when I have time.

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Me,

02-06-06 - Sorry for the Late update, I've got a lot of studying to do since my finals are on in a few more days :( Anyways Here's what happened, It's about 10:30 and I receive a call... it's Luke already pretty drunk saying something about come to his to watch a flaming piñata... Now the day before he asked me what to buy for John's Birthday present and I said try something different and get a piñata and fill it with candy. At this point I'm like oh no What have I done? I hope he doesn't burn down his house again. The photos pretty much tell you what happened. I'd like to point out that Matt started John's decent into What-the-fuck-land when he took a chunk outa John's hair which meant John had to have a hair cut which went from normal cut to jar head to shaved with a little sticking up. He passed out kinda and that's when the crayons came out. Then off came his eyebrows and then we took it one step further with the engine enamel but it's John so who cares ;) The piñata was really some towels, boxes and other crap drenched in metho and smashed with a broom handle also drenched in metho. So that pretty much sums up the night of drunkenness. There's some videos if you want to watch...

Well back to studying, Maths first up, then Process Chemistry. I'm so screwed :(

14-05-06 - Thanks to Lisa for providing more wonderful pictures of Jas' female company ;) Anyone got more?

13-05-06 - Happy 21st Birthday Jas! I had an awesome time at the inn tonight and damn did that bar tab go by so quickly haha. I hope you had a great time too, I'm sure your pen 15 would most definitely agree though :P Oh well I'll keep this sweet and short as it's like 5 in the morning right now and I'm farking tired as. Great seeing everyone again as well lots of people turned up which was a surprise but good anyway. Before I forget there's some adult material in the gallery so yeah if your at work or something then don't view. Enjoy and until next time...

The Twinkie.

PS - If you have some pictures, I'd be happy to put them up on here as well so just zip up the pictures and send them to my email at the bottom and I'll put them up next time I have time. Thanks

??-04-06 - Whoops Anyway totally forgot about writing something for Hawks Nest but some things are best left untold :P The main theme is we all got drunk and being the young and happy adults (ha ha no seriously) we were, went about doing some silly things that was quite enjoyable, neither the less much alcohol was consumed and surprisingly no injuries was sustained so the trip was highly entertaining to all who went and accomplished it's role of relieving the stress back home. Shame we almost got kicked out tho but that was part of the fun :P we should go again sometime in the future. PS Ben is a slow cynt and no aqua tards this time but some english dude did jump in all of a sudden which was weird.

17-04-06 - Hawks Nest was awesome going to fix it all up tomorrow so fucking tired right now

18-03-06 - Pretty crazy night, Firstly Happy Birthday Nando for like almost 3 weeks ago. I forgot the camera as it's been so long and didn't really think I'd use it much but I did take a few pictures on my Sony Ericsson K750i awesome phone but pretty average pictures, these's too much distortion on it and the night mode doesn't really work that well. So, a many fine women there plus free alcohol, now that's something you don't see everyday but I'm sure it was well spent :) Shame about all the things that happened but lets focus on the positive side of the night and forget everything else. It was Nando's 21st and we honour him above all else tonight, who cares about the chicks, the confrontations and our uglier drunken side when it's an event that'll only happen once. Nando, don't know if you'll ever read this but my drink's raised to you, Happy 21st my friend, hope you had fun last night.

Keep on rolling baby ;)

PS - If anyone wants to send me pictures they can email me at Keef1025@gmail.com or add me to MSN.

3-3-06 - Damn really been a while, Many things happened but I've been way too busy to do anything about it so my apologies for that. Once again I'm faced with no more room left on my webhost so I'm taking galleries down for this kinda "recent" trip up north by a few fellows. A lot of people were away over the new years and I still haven't gotten around to doing all the photos but it's better late than never I guess. Once I sort out another site to host these pictures quite a few of the latest galleries won't work but should be right soonish I hope. Anyway 2nd year now and I still don't know half the building names at Uni and I've got a 9 hour day on Tuesday with no no breaks from 9-6 :( kill me now... So the latest update is a series of events that occurred at a now destroyed location up near Byron Bay, Name will not be mentioned but from what I've heard these picture's don't even scratch the surface of what happened up there. I'm still waiting on a report from Bede but hey another uni student so what do you expect? So more a little bit later when I'm not so tired. Anyways if your at UNSW this year you can probably find me around the Applied Science building or just floating around and to all the first years who have started or starting soon, Enjoy first year it gets much harder and harder after.

All the best and until next time,

1-1-06 - It's a bit Cliché but what the hell, Happy New Year! Another year has gone by and somehow my liver still functions ;) I hope everyone had a wonderful and eventful 2005, myself I had a rather quirky year starting uni and all but hey I'm still here and as Eric reminds us "that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger" so that's for all you people still in school and for those who go into higher education this year. So what does 2006 bring for us? I don't know, I've always lived everyday as it came to me, when one really worries too much about the future then that's when the bad stuff like stress come into play. Basically go where the wind takes you, worrying often just causes problems, enjoy life for what it is, everyday a new experiment.

I hope all you guys up at Byron ain't up to too much mischief and have fun outside of jail, like wise to the fellas in Port Stephens and the group heading up to the Gold Coast soon. Anyways hope everyone had a great new years celebration and I'm sure the headache in the morning was worth the fun. I'll leave you with a certain stoneman in an compromising position and remember from Boxing day a certain line GILLY GILLY GILLY GILLY!!!!!! ;) Thank You my friend, you made 2005 so worth it.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays,

25-12-05 - Hey everyone I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, The important thing to remember isn't the lavish gifts or to convert others to your cause but to simple rejoice at a time like this. It's a special person's birthday nothing more, nothing less. I'm sure if he were around he'd feel the same way, honour him but do not force it upon others if it's against their wishes. It's a trying time but the main idea of this event is to spread love, peace and friendship not isolate a minority, are we not all human, even though our beliefs differ? We really need to grow up and learn to make decisions for ourselves and not be so easily manipulated by the extremist factions and the media. If you do not feed the fire you won't get burnt, it's as simple as that. Well that's my 2 cents worth, I hope all you fellas going up to Byron have great fun and remember keep $50 on you to save a trip to the courthouse the next day if you get arrested (Learn from John's mistake at Schoolies last year) Alright Have a fun New Years, I'm sure we all have our own little thing we're doing so I'll wish every a Happy New Years and lets hope all our new years resolutions are met or whatever. I really can't be fucked saying anything more right now...

In short Merry Christmas everyone!

10-12-05 - It's been like 5 months since our last house party and boy does it feel weird. Sophie, I commend you on trying to continue the golden days of old but alas time goes on and we grow older but not necessarily better with out booze... Though this doesn't mean it's not fun anymore, our time has passed and I think a lot of people have move onto bigger things but for me the people will still be the same and most importantly the alcohol is still sweet as ever so lets not let our increasingly complicated lives get in the way of the most important thing, which is the people around you and the time you've spent with them. This will never go away, oh the memories.

Well tonight we celebrate Sophie's birthday although it's on the 14th of December, a day after Mark's and a day before Nikki's (btw I think we're heading to the RSL for Nikki's next Friday so might see you there) Thanks for having us, I had a good time as always and hope your place didn't get too trashed. I originally planned to give you your present today but apparently the printer couldn't deliver the poster to me on time. Basically what the present is, I created a giant poster of a picture of Sophie and Mel using all the photos I ever took. There's about 7000 different photos in there melded to create this huge picture. I had it professionally printed onto A1 paper and you can just make out every individual photo that makes up the whole image. The mosaic came out about 12700x10200 pixels and about 100mbs after compression so obviously I can't host such a file so I resized it down to about 0.1% of it's original size and put it here, you can't really make out the individual photos cauz of the resize but if you really want to have a look at it go to Sophie's house and check it out, Lee's picking it up from the printer dude on Monday I believe. If anyone wants something similar done just send me an email and we'll work from there, though no promises as Summer School starts next week.

Anyways hope Sophie had a good time too and likes her present. Christmas and New Years coming up but I hear alot of people are going to spend this time up at Byron so we should see what crazy and insane things that happen there :) Think Schoolies all over again...

Time for sleep, Night everyone.

3-12-05 - Hey, Hope everyone is having is having a good holiday... well those of us still studying and as they say no rest for the wicked for ya guys/gals working. Anyway I don't know why I'm writing this but probably to satisfy a certain destructive person. You know who you are ya son of a bitch. Me and john tried to beat this new game called the breathalyser, if I remember correctly the highest we got was 0.129 from me while Johnny boy came 2nd with 0.118 was it? and Lukey with a meager 0.089 or something but I reckon that machine is busted as a hour late I blew 0.068 while John blew 0.08 so it's really weird (I'm guessing it's the breath alcohol fucking it up) Oh well hope Murray likes his new street decorations hehe... Pokeadots ur a crazy one, need those pictures for a certain special someone. Hmm David Jordon loves the cock... and Rob, being gay is ok we're here for you...(Not) oh fuck it, hope those crazy ppl up at schoolies are having a great time, ahh I remember out time up there... Soooooo fun (you can read it here) oh the shit that happened, I doubt anything will be able to top that :) So yeah crazy night so much money wasted but oh well easy come easy go... I'm sure I got to say something else but meh Summer school for me so yay me getting fucked in the ass damn uni, should be something interesting coming up soon being Christmas and new years time soon so stay tuned ;) Better get some sleep now I mean do robots dream of robotic sheep? Happy now ya stooge?, this whole mumbling of pure shit is dedicated to a certain mechanic, I hope you're bloody happy now. plant/sign thief...

Luv lots,
Keef the stupid loser going to bloody uni :S

7-11-05 - Hi ya everyone, I've finished session 2 and now I'm on holidays well until exams start :( The purpose of this post is to do what our great retarded friend Josh has so kindly asked me to do on my Birthday. This task was to put a certain picture here for everyone to see, If you went to Asquith Boys during the time that fat piece of fucking hairy gaybo loser fat shit motherfucker then I'm sure you won't be surprise at what you see. So here is the picture and be WARNED THIS IS VERY YUCKY, do not click if you are 1) Under the age of 18, 2) Pregnant 3) Weak hearted and/or 4) Really don't was to look at something disgusting. I Warned you (Due to it leaving a bad taste in my mouth I'm going to remove that pic, for those who didn't see it and are curious it was a picture of Josh's balls). There, you sick fuck Josh ya happy?? now look whose balls are on the web loser... Anyways so thanks to all the people who sent me messages, much appreciated expect Josh whom now I want to stab in the eye. Can't wait til your birthday ;) lots of gay sex and goat.se coming ur way ;)

On a happier note, I hope the majority of Year 12 have finished their exams or will finish this week. That's one mountain successful over and now surviving Schoolies will be your next challenge :P Btw if you're going just for the horizontal bone dance, then for you it'll be heaps over rated as it's not like a huge fuckfest where everyone gets some (although this doesn't apply to everyone, some are naturally luckier than others - ie LS, JC, SI and BH come to mind), a little effort is required. And for those who go to have a last great week with the people you went to school with then I can tell you it'll be awesome provided lots of alcohol is invoked. In short if you just go for the roots then the majority will be disappointed, like me those who go for the time with friends will most likely have the most fun. Though I could be wrong this year, you never know, that's just how I've seen it from past experience.

Alright I think I've spent too much time here anyway should be studying for Maths on Friday :( But had to post Josh's Ball for the world to see ;) I hope you understand. Also the YAA Belt and book thingy for uni has finished so taken that down, Thanks to everyone who helped, I think we ended up making like 60% profit or something so shareholders ended up making **some** money.

Auf Wiedersehen

16-10-05 - Wow it's that time again, H S C, the dreaded 3 letters that is the ultimate final showdown of 6 years wasted studying at school. It is a series of diabolical test designed to break the weak and hinder the strong who have reached the apex of what High School has to offer. For those who wish a higher education this is your moment of truth, for those who head into the workforce this certificate will summarise your 12 years of sweat and torture and distinguish you and identify you individually from the rest. Your whole schooling will be compressed into a number of 3 hour tests pitting you against the rest of the state if you get an UAI. This is the reality of what the HSC is to students.

Fortunately for me and others it's been 1 year since we went into our own trial by fire but for a few of us we will be staring at doom himself, this post is primary for all the year 12 going into English Paper 1 tomorrow, Trust me, been there done that and it might seem like hell now but once it's all over then a whole new world opens up mainly schoolies and freedom!!! So to all year 12 out there GOOD LUCK and don't stress out too much, the day it's over is like wild passionate sex but you're having it ;)... reaching level 60 on World of Warcraft... Let just say it's the best freaking feeling in your life :P

Ahh the parties and adventures a year ago, how I will never forget them (Got tranny?)... Anyways the best of luck for all and hope you all achieve good marks, keep in mind the fun post HSC and you'll get through this epic trial.

Good Luck,

28-07-05 - Uni Session 2 is more hectic than I thought, Still got another 2 days to go :( Oh well at least John gets back tonight so yay drunken adventures here we come. Anyway updated those four pictures top two are from Hawks Nest while bottom two from Narooma and posted up these videos, nothing much but might amuse some of us ;) Intergrated into the gallery now Get them quick for the file sharing thing I use will delete them after 30 days without anyone going to them. To download them just click on my links then scroll down to the bottom of the rapid share site and click free then scroll down on the new page and wait a few seconds and a download link should appear click on that to start download.

P7140093.MOV (0.5mb)
P7140093.MOV (0.6mb)
P7153607.MOV (7.3mb)

(All Protests should be directed at Bede :P)


PS-Also I got a Pink and white belt with me to sell if anyone wants one.

26-07-05 - How is everyone doing having come back to the dreaded school life? Anyways like promised I've got another fun filled adventure for everyone (you can hear the enthusiasm in my words right?) This time I've got details of two camping adventures from another person point of view so it shall be interesting to see what shenanigans they get up to. I'll leave you with some short summaries of these trips but there is a better detailed explanation in their respective sections. Oh and Camping #3 has been updated with Bede's pictures so basically new pictures in South Coast and at the end of Camping #3.

Hawks Nest Summary

Detailed Explanation

In March a solid crew of us headed up to Hawks Nest for a bit of camping, some waves, and good times. But soon after getting to Hawks Nest our plan of finding a camping ground was fucked over after recent rain had left most sites feet high with water and closed. However we still had a good surf that day and explored some massive sand dunes, then had a fire and some beers around a makeshift campsite in the dunes near where wed sleep. We went into town a beer and continued the drinking at the local bowlo. Next day we hit the road again and continued up the coast a bit further towards Forster, where we had another sic surf and an explore and then moved on to find our next campsite, in a deserted car park outside Tuncurry. This night some people trekked into town while other stayed at camp. The next day proved to be a bit more dramatic as on the way back there was a mishap with Bens car and then Kcs, which halted our travel for more hours than wed like to think. But in the end everyone made it home by the end of the night on our third day. Cheers to everyone who came, I think we all had a sicdog time.


South Coast Summary

Detailed Explanation

During the last week of Uni and TAFE holidays during July a carload of guys set out sown south for a change for a bit of sight seeing, few waves and some adventure! Ha ha. This was a different trip as we stayed at my cousins place rather than camping or sleeping in cars. We were given the downstairs part of the house to ourselves, which we made use of for a bit of drinking and some shenanigans. During the time we got a surf at Mollymook, found some fun waves at Kianga and just explored the nearby coastline. We saw Robs alter ego at its fullest, experienced the thriving Narooma nightlife, and got a trip on my uncles boat; saw whales and swam with seals. It was a bit more touristy than usual but enjoyable nonetheless.



PS - Surfing videos will be up later.

23-07-05 - Total Annihilation could describe many things, such as good old Deadbabies (If you've had the pleasure of playing this game then you'll know what I'm talking about) but tonight that's a word I'm going to use to describe me and Luke. In life there is nothing better than to celebrate one's birthday with one Litre of bourbon and of course some Deadbabies action. Anyways just like the many times before where Luke has redefined the term binge drinking he's probably surpassed himself again tonight and as usual ended up in bed when the night was still young but alas we carried on where he left off and much alcohol was consumed. By the looks of Luke's face I'm sure he had a great time and well frankly i'm still feeling weird after last night so that's the extent we were drinking. I have no idea who took all these pictures as I was pretty out of it most of the night so I thank the nameless who helped take these pictures, I certainly wasn't fit to take pictures after trying to match Luke :S

On other news, If you didn't already realise no I'm not selling but I am selling these belts and bracelets here (don't worry it's ended so I've removed it, Thanks everyone) for uni so if you fancy some braided belts or bracelets then give me a call or an email. Most people are back at school or TAFE while others start uni soon so I'll wish everyone luck in their studies or work or whatever you do. Sorry these photos weren't up earlier I got home at like 3am thanks to Nikki who somehow saw me walking home from Luke's after cleaning up with Ben Howell and gave me a Lift so your kindness will not be forgotten. Ricky wanted me to say something about Rhi in action with some Ben dude don't really remember what that was all about... I'm sure I'm supposed to do something or rather but I've been too out of it. Oh and stay tuned for some more camping action from Bedo.

Take care now,

16-07-05 - The Stuff I do for you people... Sorry for the For Sale thing, not really going to happen, just wanted to play around with a large recently acquired poster courtesy of Rob Parso. He's got one too ;) Hope you get all the splinters out. Anyways Happy Birthday to Hannah for the 14th, as well as Lartz on the same day and Rhi on the 15th and anyone I missed, Sorry been outa the loop for too long... Ahh so another year older, yet hardly the wiser ;) j/k I'm sure we're as mature and sensible as always or some crap like that. Thanks to Lara and others who took most of these pictures :) It's freaking 4:23 in the morning I seriously have nothing like my brain yearns for sleep but I've still got the camping photos to go sigh. Oh just while I am ranting about this and that (geez I'm feeling old now :( ) Thanks Bing, Carla, Rob and Murray for bloody holding me up like 40 minutes while in the car deciding how to drop off first god seriously like how the hell does it matter who gets dropped off first I mean it's all the f***ing same!!! Bloody head go pop material sigh Ben's a cat... Hmm can't really think of anything else right now but I'll add to it tomorrow when I do the *NEW* Camping photos /sarcasm oh the buckets of fun and adventures in there /end-sarcasm. So I'll be off for now and for ppl who can't read properly. It's only a JOKE!!!!!!

Peace out...

04-07-05 - Ok sorry for the lateness, I called rob at 3pm knowing he sleeps in on Sunday arvos, some how wake him from his eternal slumber and tell him to call me when he's fully awake. Sent him a message to remind him around 6 and then wait the rest of the night for him to call me. Get a freaking call at 2:30am on Monday morning, it's lee he's stoned at rob's and wants to pick up some movies and games so I'm like okay do u mind bringing the camera over? Oh right about that...... fcuking stoners :S so unreliable oh wells can't change it now so most of the pictures are up unless I get more or whatever. Anyways thanks Gibbo mark n them for helping, I guess so Enjoy I'm off to battle some Sith dudes in KOTOR2. yay!

Keef out.

02-07-05 - Sigh Sorry everyone no pictures right now. I left the camera in Rob's or mark's hands last night as my ride wanted to go early so meh. Tonight was an interesting night for me. Some have just finished tafe and uni exams and others have just finished some major assessments but I think it was just a major break from all the work we had. Umm so the occasion was Hannah's 18th Birthday which means this time it wasn't just a senseless get-pissed-a-thon aye Lee? Oh right you want me to say Ben is a fuckin cripple as well. I mean who gets into a fight and wins but comes out worse? Well at least they smashed the other dudes ;) Bah never mind that anyways Hope Hannah had a great 18th birthday and many great presents and remember "Some are born great, some achieve greatness while other have it thrust upon them", metaphorically the greatness arises from having to live with Matt all this time, I mean IT at school was hell enough with him so I couldn't imagine what you're experiencing ;) j/k Matt, your a bundle of mixed joy but I wouldn't have life any other way. Yeah so Thanks for having me and hope you had as much fun as I did. You and everyone else still have got much more fun ahead of u after ur HSC so keep at it, your just rewards will come to you in the end :P I'll stop talking outa my ass now so Enjoy hope everyone had fun, thanks to the Roberts for all the trouble and it couldn't have been done without your help so on behalf of most of us Thank You! I'll get the pictures up as soon as I can but I was pretty wasted as this was kinda like my first chance after uni exams to get smashed, damn Luke where was the half a bottle of vodka this time?


22-06-05 - Hello Long time no see, I'm glad to report that half of my exams are finished so I'll see everyone in a gutter very soon ;) I can't be bothered to study CEIC so I'm just tying up so odds and ends. Firstly I've got a better pic of our group photo from the formal. This was taken from Eric's so thanks Ezza. (Also thats a half sized version, if you want the full one you can always email me). Next we have some interesting pictures of something that happened a while ago but I think it's worth mentioning here and here (Taken from camera phone), this was back at ABHS and long story short some people thought it was a great idea to rip Murray's pants while he was still wearing them. Lucky he wasn't freeballing ;) and boy did he look funny as we walked through the quad to English where I was told Mr. Hensley didn't let him into class. I think we all signed his pants tho it was like for his birthday present or something? Ahh good times, you won't see something like this at AGHS for sure ;)Don't remember if I posted this or not but I fixed the picture where the girls where doing the L thingy for Leos but I couldn't remember if I said anything about it but here it is fixed up. Alrighty Next if you open this picture it'll freaky display Lee's name at a intersection. Extremely scary!, it's even in the street dictionary, Look up Lea or Solway in Bringelly, it's out near West Hoxton and Liverpool. That was taken by long lost friend Josh no doubt in the midst of a drive-by with his Campbelltown lads ;) j/k we still lova ya Josh come up soon. Alrighty Enjoy everyone and I'll either see you at the RSL or at a rare party. Take it easy and I love sharp rocks.


PS - Also an interesting write up I found somewhere, worth a read if you got nothing better else to do :D And These are some testimonial thingys I made over at high5 & wanted to share (sharing's caring as they say :P) and if you want an insight into my mind have a read at some of the things I wrote for some of my friends :) Finally this is really funny but only for those with broadband as it might take a little while to load but worth it trust me ;) and Funny fat kid singing a sick song (Thanks Eric)

19-05-05 - Hey again, Ok got some photos from Robbie Clarke's Camera and posted them up at the bottom of the current ones. Some more surveys would help also so if you have time and got nothing better to do than why not fill it out and get a drink off me next time? Also put some pictures up of Camping trip number 3 don't know what happened this time but heard it was a mixed bag of results anyway off to do uni work. Mech drawings due tomorrow FUN...

See ya all around :P

15-05-05 - **Note - Done I can't accept any more. Thanks to all who did it** Alright I've got this uni assignment to do and the story is we are making a book for our young achiever's company, it's kind of like a manual filled with articles, facts and figures, tips, jokes, and other stuff and it's aimed at our age bracket, think of those handbooks from FHM or whatever that give advice on whatever. Now to accomplish this book we need to do some surveys, this is where you guys come in. Whatever you answer in these surveys will contribute to the book, like we will pool your surveys together and create the graphs and facts and figures etc. So it would help me greatly if you guys can spare some time to help me.

For doing this survey you will have my thanks and I'm willing to buy whoever answers the survey a drink next time I see them, All you have to do is download this word document and fill it out as best you can and send it back to me (email down the bottom). If you want you can print it off it then fill it out and either give it to me or I can come pick it up. There is no right or wrong if you want to write strange and wacky stuff in it, I'll just get weird looks when I hand the surveys in :S

Thank you for your time,

13-05-05 - Always something different in Crazytown. Black Friday is today for anyone whose into that stuff. Anyways Happy Birthday Nath and Tash, although your birthday's were like way back it's still great to have a party in your honour. Great night, lots of people there, much fun to be had, thanks to the people who helped take pictures, these include Sarah, Chloe, Markus, Lara and others I forgot to mention. Thanks to Nath's folks for having us, hope it wasn't too much trouble. Umm Rhi would like to inform us about Carlton Draught or something and I can't quite remember what it was exactly, I'm thinking it was like hey everyone I'm Rhi and I like sex oops hmm maybe not hang on scratch that... was it, I love to fcuk?? hmm I don't know ;) J/k I can't remember sorry It might come back to me so meh maybe next time :P Sigh 4 assessments due next week kill me now need sleep...

Keef - wants to devour your soul. send your virgin souls to P.O. Box 3012 and remember to package it real good....

8-05-05 - Ok sorry everyone it took so long for me to do this. There were a few... unusual pictures of explicit nature that I had to figure out what to do with. Anyways Sam's Fancy Dress Party, Bloody Brillant, the colours, the costumes and the insane mini skirts that could be mistaken for big belts. Damn ok so many beautiful men and women dressed up + sweet sweet alcohol = a many fine times :D If you missed it then damn you missed out on a fine party. Happy Birthday to Sam and others, hope you like your presents everyone. But damn we had some crazy ones, Sailor moon, Scout, Australian Fast Bowler, Tennis players, Suave Tux's, Wonder Woman (Matt- I wonder where she went?), Nurses, Cadet's and the list goes on. I was backwards man (I'm the backwards man, the backwards man, I can run back as fast as you can.) if you didn't realise already (just watch Freddy got fingered ;) ), I was going to come as the hobo but mark stole my costume so meh, also thank him for the few explicit photos ;) There were a few camera's around and if you want your pictures posted up here, then send them to my email or catch me on MSN. My address is down the bottom). Also Happy Mothers day and now go hug your mummy :D yay uni tomorrow, catch ya all around.


7-05-05 - Well as many of you probably know by now last weekend our very own George left us for the endless sunshine of the Whitsunday's so we hit the rsl and had a merry time and took a few last pictures of us before she left. Nothing special just for memories sake I guess. Anyways while Georgy is up there (probably enjoying the sunshine right now) the few of us are stuck down here working or studying in our miserable and mundane lives..... Well I guess not all is lost, except my soul.... Sold that to my uni, I'm fucked now. I'm not too good on good byes or anything but George departs us for the meantime and we all wish her the best and hope she has fun while she's there. If I remember correctly year 12's are heading into their half yearly's soonish so keep it up! you don't want to end up like that deadbeat beatnik Tom (Gill not Gough) sigh there's a worrisome kid right there. Anyways Take it easy everyone and I'll hopefully be seeing you all soonish ;) Also we are celebrating a few people's birthday's. We had Michael then Scott S and Nath's and Sammy D's Birthday's in April. Sam I's, Rob's, Phil's, Jeebus', Jas' and Cays' so far this month. We also have Meg's too look forward to as well as Bickford's and Nick and Tom's at the end of this month. So yay lots of excuses to get drunk :D

Luv u all

PS-George if you are reading this then remember the cookie monster needs to feast on brains and/or souls or it'll get angry and you don't want a angry cookie mobster now do u? so lots of brains and souls to satisfies his eternal hunger ;)

1-04-05 - Alright I have no freaking idea why I am doing this but Ben and Andre (I hope I speel that rite) owe me for this :P Anyways had a bottle of Bacardi 151 with me for this night, was ready to crash and burn tonight but nooo couldn't get to RSL unless I drove so unlucky for me no booze so oh well but the old dude in red dancing with the ladies really made my day :) Ok let me see if I get this right... There was something about me, Andre and Ben in some bushes with some hotdogs and ben been crisp while Andre is moist and sandwiching juicy me eats beef..... Yes I know I want some of this stuff they were smoking too but what the hell. Anyways I made this up for your enjoyment. Something else I was supposed to say... oh right happy birthday Lee umm which was Wednesday.... Andre and Ben say Hi... Tom wants me to scrap cop cars off the road instead of being RBT... Oh dear I can't be bothered right now so I'll leave u with this... The speakers will flame up into burning pyres of madness while our souls are being consumed slowly by the juggernaut of Dumbo. Yeeeeeesssss.... Well I better be off before other strange things happen.

Take care be seeing you around maybe...

PS - Oh that's right, there's no farking pictures cauz we went to the bloody RSL!!! but Ben and Andre wanted this writeup done so what the hell. Thanks for reading... **Sigh**

22-03-05 - Sorry everyone... I'm really not on the ball anymore. I only just got the camera back off Kendall who was our lovely drunken photographer on my behalf :) To cut to the chase, camp was bearable but hey with free alcohol what wouldn't be? In other words I would have rather been with friends at Anders'. The important thing is I hear Anders' got smashed so that's all it matters. I hope everyone had fun at Anders' and at JJ if they went there but yeah sorry for them being late but from what I can tell everyone got pretty plastered which is good to hear. Anyways I've got to wake up tomorrow at slightly before 7 to get to my 1 hour lecture at 9 then wait 6 hours cauz I don't have any labs this week, then 2 hours of lectures from 4 til 6 so fuck me dead already. Anyways hoped everyone had fun at Anders' and Happy Birthday to Anders', Josh, Sina and Robin. I'm looking to Lee in about a week's time... now boy this will be interesting ;)

Night Now, Uncle Keef has important stuff in the morning now :S

PS-I'll add to and modify this once Kendall gets that email to me.

14-03-05 - Wow time really flies... Anyways sorry for the lack of updates, it's just I've been so busy and the lack of parties means no fun but with some people going to Tafe, others to uni, others working full time and some doing their HSC this year, you can't really blame them. Ahh but the Easter break is coming up and it's someone very special to me's birthday very soon as well. I'm looking at you Anders... Ahh where will I be without you Ander's? ha ha probably somewhere more successful :P but I guess if I must blame Anders I got to slowly gaze over at Luke the destroyer and Rob the corrupter, thank you and damn you guys for introducing me to sweet sweet alcohol...... Ahh Alcohol it's like a double edged sword but oh well can't change the past now :D

Well the important thing is now that I'm at uni (chem engineering at UNSW if anyone cares) I'll slowly begin to vanish with uni literally sucking all the life out of me... it's a four (4) year course here guys and it's all the way down at Kensington :(... The moral of my story is for all coming through high school now (ha ha suckers j/k good luck) make sure when it's time to choose your preferences choose absolutely something you really really and really some more enjoy if that is you wish to head to uni. Ahh enough of that, uni's not that bad really, to those who I've scared off, it's truly a step up from high school. The important thing is I'm screwed at uni for 4 years and in that 4 years my life is only going to get harder which means you'll probably see less and less of me and more and more of that wanker mysterious guy and if you haven't found out who he is then you're a bit slow ain't u? :P I'll try to stay in contact and I'll try my best to go to everything I can when I'm told but my most sincere apologies if I said I would turn up and don't make it. Ahh got that off my chest, this means I won't be able to make it to Ander's because of uni :( Trust me I wanted to go as much as Anders but I have some stupid "bonding camp" so yeah Have fun for me everyone and I might see you all around sometime.

Stay Cool ;)

PS - Yeah added more retard stuff... It's not me so don't come yelling at me, I don't dictate what goes there...

05-01-05 - Hey everyone long time no see.... Well Kinda, Faggot boy... I mean Mystery wanker.... I mean Anonymous can't umm get to his umm Bat cave or whatever the fuck he goes to, to write stupid witty remarks about other people. So for the time being I'm back for a little bit just to write about something. Anyway Great fun at Shannon's, think everyone turned up and sorry about the stuff at the end kinda topped the end of the night didn't it? oh well can't change the past just move on with it. That reminds me never ever ever EVER lend anything to a Mr. Connolly.... Stooge. Anyway I've had my whinge and bitch time. Take care everyone, Best of Luck to people starting TAFE, Year 12, Work and Uni. Be seeing you soonish.


08-01-05 - Man Im pissed, its like 2 in the morning and I'm still so fucked up, just got home and I made myself write this& nah only joking! As parties will now become few and far between due to the amount of people starting work and further study, and becoming alternatively occupied, I thought it might be a good idea to start putting old photos dating right back to some of the early parties to remind us of all the good times that weve had, and the memories weve shared. It is undeniable and undoubtable that some of us will drift apart now and not see each other as often, and so we should look back at these photos and this site and be grateful we have them as they will forever act as a giant photo album, and always remind us of our friends and school years. A teacher at Asquith Boys told us recently that it is common in most schools that people grow apart quickly and find new friends, but, he told us that Asquith Boys and Girls have a tendency to keep in contact and stay friends. Hold on to that and remind yourselves, because I would not like to think that these friends that we have formed over the last thirteen years will be lost in a matter of months just simply due to the fact that school is over. Hopefully parties WILL continue (note to all) and we will still see each other regularly at these. Otherwise make an effort! Anyway hopefully you will find these photos amusing and memorable. (Of course nothing personal is intentional, its all just for a laugh!) Any of your own suggestions would be much appreciated and Keith will try and put them on here. Good luck to all in the future months. Keep in touch, and stay true  207 for LIFE!!

Yours truly,

07-01-05 - Time flies doesn't it? well I did say 3 days but oh well I'm off now to a temperate land full of adventures and treasure. This is truly the last post by me for a while it would seem, The other guy has already got some stuff lined up to say, He tells me it'll update probably once a week or once a fortnight or something like that. Nothing major just someone different for a while. might say something if I come across some kind of internet access in the world of Baldor but that's unlikely meh we'll see. Anyways, Lara, Craziness is a gift fuelled with alcohol. I know you'll use it to enjoy life to the fullest. Happy 18th Birthday , It's been a pleasure and honour getting wasted with you... So tonight's toast goes to Lara and folks who run the show. Thanks for having us. Had much fun tonight, can't really think of anything to say now but just some news that a certain small firey lady is actually batting for the other team but she won't come out of the closet. Watch out everyone, this one's a feisty one and she'll deny all claim to it but deep down I think we all know how it really is ;)


PS - Oh yeah and I hear Tim's run-in's with death only get better and better, I'm told when they dropped him off after Lara's two un-named individuals held onto Tim's gigantic arms and basically dragged him along in a moving car which is pretty dangerous when you think about it but I mean it can't get much worse for the trannified ;) Poor Tim...

01-01-05 - Happy New Year everyone. Coming from Manly, Milson's point and also Lauren's party. This year as I'm not really a fan of crowded places decided to go to Lauren's for a quiet night with great friends. Boy was it a night fark, It's been two days straight of constant drinking for me, Luke, John and others. Day before we got smashed in the name of Emma so it was kinda of a tradition thingy but tonight fuck me dead right now. Happy fucking New Years for everyone I didn't say it to. Don't really know what the fuck happened through this night but it's all the same i guess thanks Lauren for having us and sorry Lauren's parents if we did something wrong to upset you. I'll make this quick as it's suppose to be mystery dude coming to post stuff so meh soon my friends in about 3 days once my brain splitting head ache and constant need to drink wears off :D Anyway thanks to everyone who take some pictures tonight I had a blast bloody rum does shit to ur mind grr anyway I'm off for now everyone have a fun new year and my new years resolution is to out do myself the last year. Happy and Enjoy everyone take care will probably be seeing u at Lara's or something.

See you soon and love forever!!!

29-12-04 - Alrighty getting ready for the new year? Well everyone's finished school for the moment and it's time to fucking party. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Today it's Eric's Birthday and it was also Hannah's party tonight. It's been a while since we had a party but I've been getting some sweet sweet alcohol in me at the RSL. Tonight It was Hannah's and it was quite fun don't know what happened at the end with Phil but it was something. Maybe I can remember what happened when I'm sober but did everyone know the word "Hannah" backwards is also "Hannah"?... Ahh Fuck you Matt remember that you motherfucker in IT? Meh faggot... Anyway we have a "mysterious person" taking over for a while so wait for his updates I'm going to head for the land of Elvenhelm to fight the deadly golems of death with the crew of High5.... So today was good got see the next year go through year 12 or aka hell and wish them luck. I really wish the best of luck to the year 12 coming through, Keep at it and ur deserved results shall come to you. Put in the effort and you will make it. We will be here if needed :D It's the time to put the effort in guys + girls, this is all ur schooling wrapped into one. Well my drinking buddy didn't turn up tonight so he's probably getting some so he's down a cupful of vodka ;) Hmm oh yeah thanks Hannah and folk for hosting, hope your place didn't get too screwed up. Umm Bedo and Kc want to suck dicks I'm pretty sure, I'm no one's puppet... What next... Need to set fire to this world and for some reason Hannah's House oh well I'm pretty much going to sleep until the arvo so yeah hope to see all you guys in the land of dreams sometime soon. (btw I'm off my head, It's also good to see all the year 11s (or soon to be year 12's again, probably won't see you for a while as you all study for the HSC. Also If anyone cares I got a 77.15 UAI not that great but I'm happy with it and that's all that matters. I'm proud of my results and I can't change it anymore, I just hope it's enough to get me into Uni. For those who didn't get the UAI they wanted don't worry there's always more options after High School and you can't change the results now so just go with it I say. This goes for next years year 12 as well but that's in another year so meh until then my friends :D. Anyway pictures at Hannah's are up hope everyone had a great Christmas and if I don't see you on New Years then a Great and Happy New Years!!!! Happy Birthday Eric, Will be seeing you at the RSL tonight, First shout is mine my friend... Welcome to the club :D......

Unknown dude will be posting stuff next time probably tomorrow, You'll still be seeing me once in a while but he's taking over the front page stuff for a while until I've totally wiped myself out with alcohol. So Everyone Enjoy New Years will probably be seeing you all some time soon.

Take care and Luv you all forever....

15-12-04 - Quick update, Added some more pictures taken from Robbie's Digcam so if you want to vomit go ahead and scroll down to the bottom of the current pictures of Tim and his tranny friend... you'll find something just as wrong so go for it. Some more useless stuff is today is Nikki's birthday and tomorrow is their formal so have fun :D

Later need to go kill something now....

11-12-04 - Ok So I won't lie, the story goes that I didn't feel well at Sam's, might have gotten a cold drinking in the rain so left early and left the camera in the hands of Cays (I leave it with her so often maybe I should pay her for doing this now ;) ) Anyway I didn't get the camera back until like an hour til Sophie and Sarah's so I only had time to upload the pictures. Well now it's after Sophie and Sarah's crazy party. Anyway I've gotten both of them up now but I'm drunk off my head as usual, Luke remember you owe me a full cup of vodka not a shot but a cup that's right 250ml's now. Sigh look at what Schoolies has done to us. Anyway both parties was heaps fun, Although it's a bit corny saying it but hey I've already thrown all pride away while I'm drunk so Hornsby Northers (if that sounds right) Forever!!! You guys know who you are so meh, Happy Birthday Sam and Thanks for having that party really needed an excuse to drink after Schoolies ;) So crazy two nights straight of drinking damn liver failure? what's that? Oh well short and eventful life over long and boring life always... Yes so sorry everyone for the late pictures at Sam's but I've just been fully smashed both nights so give me some slack for once ;)

Ok Tonight was a bit unusual, Met quite a few people but not everyone from Pennant Hills High, so if I missed ya then my apologies, maybe next time I'm sober I'll introduce myself to you better. Anywho tonight's night was to celebrate Sophie and Sarah's 18th Birthday just like Sam's. Happy Birthday all :D now you can legally join the endless masses that head toward the RSL every night to throw money away in drinks and at the pokies yay what fun :D (note crappy sarcasm) Yes so it's like 3 in the morning now and I'm still too drunk to think straight (a Million curses to you Luke, making me drink to oblivion with you). This time it's thanks to Atsu I think for taking photos when I'm feeding food to the dog ;) he's so cute i just want to hug him and kiss him.... ahem riiighteo the important thing is we came, we drank, we took photos, some passed out, we ate, we celebrated and we had fun. Thank you for one of the greatest nights around you guys, only Schoolies could top off a complete weekend of drinking. So I'll wake up tomorrow and assess the aftermath of all the destruction I've sowed but for now I know they're probably not even notice this but still want to thank the old folks who supplied us with food and let us party our liver away.

Hmm I'll think of something else to bitch about tomorrow for sure, but for now Thanks again for having me, It's been heaps fun. Take care guys and love you all...

PS. Also was Pat and Drew's birthdays Saturday as well but as they say it's better late than never.

6-12-04 - Bonjour mes amis, Sorry my report was too long so when I finished I moved it to it's own page so click here to read it and trust me it's WORTH it!!!!

Later now...

**Update - Got a few pictures off KC's phone but only some of the most important and the evidence that I was not lying and there was a trannie can bee seen at the end of the 2004 Schoolies Gallery if anyone cared. Or just click Here and Here for them. Or just look up next to Tim's lovely picture and you'll see it there next to him.

25-11-04 - Tomorrow is our day of flight... We are going to schoolies baby :D tomorrow is the big day, the first day towards enlightenment and advancement. We'll be away for a little over a week while at schoolies but it should be a bloody great time... Well mainly I'm just going to go up and get plastered and have loads and loads of fun with friends but we'll see what horrible memories I want everyone to see. Lee and Sam la big mouth went already yesterday on Wednesday, Luke Matt KC and Bede went today. A few of us are going tomorrow and we are stopping over at Coff's before heading up to Da Gold Coast! Everyone else is flying up so We'll see them on Saturday... Lucky bastards won't have to drive fucked up in a weeks time. Oh well crap better get packing crap crap crap... Anyway We'll be off for the weekish wish everyone who isn't coming could've but meh. Anyway Looking forward to coming back burnt to the bloody max and partying once again. A person I forgot to add to the list of birthday's to come was Sophie, she's on the 14th of December so that's in between Mark and Nikki. pretty cool. Add her to your calendar and if I die of alcohol poisoning at Schoolies then I'm sure you'll have lots of reasons to party then :D Anyway I better be off now not much time left... Have fun everyone heading to Schoolies

Take care and don't snake my f***ing drinks...

19-11-04 - Hey hey looks like we are continuing the fun tonight since we have finally finished!!!! Oh yeah anyway never ever drink 95% alcohol that stuff is very bad I can tell you now... It's probably swimming through my brain right now as I type this. I can barely walk and I am still typing this for you guys damn do i love you guys or what. Yeah it's Zac's birthday as of 2 hours and 23 minutes ago and he is not 18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him. Tonight was basically Matt's birthday but that was like a few days ago on the 4th but we are still celebrating it for him so go figure. Man too wasted to type anything. I'm suppose to write some stuff about everyone or something but I've had too many beer bongs and shots of 95% alcohol. Stupid lane here I come. Shall I be seeing anyone else there with me? I'm looking in the general direction of Zac and John and those guys but hey anyway. So need sleep right now. Tonight was very fun... Lots of people turned up and it was heaps fun except for the rain which was a drag not being able to get outside but still night went ahead we all got plastered and I didn't take hardly any pictures from the gutter where I was lying in. So the credit for tonight's work goes to Atsu I'm pretty sure. So yea thanks Atsu for doing what I should be doing but I was too busy getting Shitfaced... Ahh the miracle of the beer bong. So fun. Schoolies approaching should be mad fun alcohol fruit coming our way ;)

For now that's all I'm going to say if I remember anything when I'm sober and don't have a hang over I'll take about it tonight so in conclusion, Happy Birthday Zac for the 20th. and Happy Birthday Matt for the 4rd a while ago neither less both great excuses to get drunk.

Take care my friend Zac, now u can be charged as an Adult...
Luv always,

16-11-04 - Hello Teachers, Friends of new and Friends of old, and welcome to my website. Here you will find out what we've been doing outside of school that you might have already guessed we were doing but now school's finished and I'm willing to share some of our happiest times outside of school with personally some of the best people throughout my young adult life. Although some of us might seem ungrateful towards their "forced imprisonment" at school but deep down under all the macho pride, I'm sure some people feel thankful and happy at all the support the teachers have provided us throughout High School. So on behalf of Year 12 I want to once again thank all the teachers for what they have done, It's been a pleasure and an honour having you teach us.

Ok now got all the formalities out of the way we can get back to tonight's events. Our very last school event of our time, I actually had a great deal of fun tonight, presenting awards with Eric and getting to know new people. Shame the afters was kind of a drag but I'm sure everyone was tired... Still, all the Gentlemen looked sharp and smuck while the Ladies looked glamorous and beautiful but it was a surprise to see how a formal suit can change the way you look at someone. Pre's was great seeing everyone over at Zac's with their dates and wondering to yourself, are these the people you went through High School with? After that me, Anders, Ruan and Nando with our dates get squashed into this sweet Daimler Limo which took us to the formal (while all the poor folk took the bus ;) just kidding) Anyway we met up with everyone else who went to different Pre's at the restaurant, it's a change to see everyone in formal gear while some were more informal than others and some with guys as dates but hey I'm all for equality and what not but just not in the traditional ways of a formal (I'm looking at Tim, DJ, Ryan and Ben ya weirdos). Anyway the food was great but shame about the no-alcohol ;) could have had a few to drown out my nervousness... Awards of Stupidity was next given out by me and Eric but the idea goes to him but I think he heard it from Philippa but still we were originally going to give out about 20ish awards but we didn't want to take so much time so we cut it down to 10, original list found here. I'm sure I'll be coping flake for my minutes of fame for a long time but life is what we make it so I have no regrets doing it, in fact I had fun :D Yea so Kongo's birthday was the 17th and the most unlikely person to get him a gift was an age old nemesis which was a fitting gift I'll have to agree. "Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap" Enjoy you present Kongo... Also congratulations to all stupidity award winners I'm sure it was fitting and well deserved.

Well it pretty much went downhill from there leading to after parties and the such. Hmm sorry for the long essay, damn HSC but everyone new here please excuse my language often I'm very out of it when writing. Yes and Sorry for the late posting of the pictures I got home around 3:30 and for me to do them all I would have gone to sleep around 5 so let me go this time. Anyway I think Andre (Sorry I can't speel godd) wants to say Hi to everyone or something like that but I can't remember sorry. I'm supposed to do some other things as well but I can't remember them now so my apologies and I'll remember next time. Anyway I had a great time and I hope everyone else did as well and I'll be seeing each and everyone of you passed out on a patch of dirt near you...

Au revoir chacun

12-11-04 - It's finally over... Mark my words... Class of year 12 2004 we have officially FINISHED!!!! How does it feel? well it's interesting as the first thing we thought of was to get maggoted. Bede's was gracefully enough to host us at his wonderful place and allow us to burn all our notes, Me personally sent all my personal notes I used during the exams straight into the fire and boy did it burn real good ( Of course this is after Bede put petrol on the fire... Anyway Tonight was to celebrate the end of all major exams for us in high school... For a short period of time we are FREE... the only thing that holds us back would be sanity and probably the need for an excuse to hit the gutter. I certainly drank quite a bit and I was preoccupied in burning everyone's notes which made a interesting bonfire. Right now the ashes of my notes have been scattered all over Hornsby Heights in fact they are probably still burning at the time of writing (close to 4am now) I need no sleep... The brain have been bad it must be punished with lack of sleep. Basically tonight was meant to celebrate the milestone of Bede from the times I went to primary with him at Hornsby North with Robbie, Mark, Ben, Luke, Emma, Lee, Atsu, Bobby, Tom, Michael, Richard, Sam, Murray etc. and looking back at when we graduated from primary, we were probably twice as smart as us now from all our binge drinking and the such sigh depressing. So yeah Bede Happy birthday for the 21st of October and hope everyone had heaps of fun, I certainly had heaps :D. Thanks to Bede's parents and friends that helped us make the night so much enjoyable.

Anyway other points are Halo2 rocks to the core. Can't get enough of dual welding.... oh yea. I reckon everyone should buy their copies as in my opinion it's one of the best games ever. Formal is on the Tuesday of next week, hope everyone has everything sorted out and ready to roll as not much time left guys, I shall be seeing yee all at either pres, formal or afters whichever comes first. CD is can still be requested from me if you want. Once again many thanks to Caysey for taking pictures when I was busy dancing around the bonfire that was all out notes ;) The Dark lords send their regards on the evil that was released tonight...

I've had probably the best possible time in the last few years and I don't want it to change but still want to thank everyone for making everything so much more interesting and so much fun for me. Literally that goes for everyone. Luv you all forever xox

Lastly For Year 12..... School's out.

8-11-04 - Hi everyone The time of great stress is almost officially over but for a many it's already over so I congratulate yee and hope you the best! :D For me I've got 1 more on the very last day... Information Technology it's called and I do it with Matt. Oh what an interesting subject it is but screw that for me it's already over. I've done my hard exams there's nothing that can dull my moment of triumph. There isn't any new galleries up but I just wanted everyone to know that HALO2..... The Best game ever is coming out tonight at 12:00... Me Ruan Anders and the boys have already gotten our copies and we're headed off tonight to battle the wave of nerds to get our hands on our most precious copy of Halo2... Maybe it's the excitement making me type this up but hopefully in the event that we shall perish either by our heads exploding for some reason relating to Halo2 then so be it. Neither the titanic tide of nerds we face shall be able to stop us from grasping the cool metallic box of Halo2. So It's about 7 I'm typing this and in about 5 hours the gates to hell will be unleashed and hell does not know the fury of nerds wanting there copy of Halo2. In five hours time I shall have the holy grail and shall be invincible and I shall blockade myself until I have finished this game... If in the event that I fall due to starvation or other means of death then let my sacrifice be a noble one and instil faith in those who also wish the same goals as me. let my death give hope to my fellow Halo2ers so they too can overcome this enormous task at hand. I shall hopefully see everyone once my task is complete now signing off from my bomb shelter....

//If you didn't already know Halo2 comes out tonight and all above was written in wait for this great game to arrive in my hands. Anyway only purpose of me posting this is to say that exams are almost over and look forward to many parties with the amount of birthdays like George's last month on the 31st, Westy's on the 3rd of this month, Tom Gill's on the 5th, Kong's on the 17th (Kendall... We have a go), Zac's on the 20th (can't wait), Turner's 27th (Does anyone care? ;) ), (MJ) Rodman's on the 3rd of Dec, Pat's on the 11th, Mark's on the 13th, Nikki's after that in the 15th, Rowan's on 18th, Rob Clarke and Cass' on the same day - the 23rd, Ryans day after, Eric's on the 29th and Last but not least Emma's on the 30th. God that's alot to celebrate. Come on I expect to see everyone drunk on these days and to my knowledge these are correct if not meh close enough... I shall be seeing you all at a party 10 shades whiter soon from spending so much time indoors :D

Me ready for Halo2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS - CD is also cranking got some crappy deleted photos and all.... Click me

26-10-04 - Yeah I know it's a bit late to tell everyone this but what the hell... We had a string of birthdays since the 17th with Simon + Anita, then Mine, then Captain Bedo's and then KC's on the 23rd. How weird is that they are two days apart 17th, 19th, 21st and 23rd. Yea so to celebrate we went to the Inn, downed a few there then went to the RSL which happened to be more fun than I expected... Pretty cool night and got a pic or two to show and yes Bedo got maggoted badly seeing how it's tradition in his family according to his dad. There wasn't enough photos to warrant a gallery on themselves so meh. Interesting note is that there's more teens/young adults at the RSL than actually grandpas and grandma so doesn't this seem funny to u guys when it's supposed to be a Return Service League? Food for thought I guess :D Any way good luck for those ppl doing general maths today.

See ya all around :) 4 down 3 to go!!!!

PS - Removed a lot of the old news and it's once again in the News Achieve so if for some reason you want to have a read of it then be my guest.

18-10-04 - Well I'm bored and sober so Why not tell everyone the status of my HSC? So anyway Finished English Paper 1 today. I found it was straight forward but bloody ran out of time again GRRR... oh well can't change the past, got to move on and I've done the best I can and I'm sure everyone else has too. Thanks to all who sent encouragements, your support is much appreciated by everyone I'm sure. Well from tomorrow onwards I'll be seeing you at the nearest RSL shall be interesting... Anyway I'm supposed to be studying for English Paper 2 on Wednesday but meh been awake for like 16 hours.............. FUCK ME DEAD!!!!! Oh well all the same so once again thanks to all who sent Good lucks and the such...

"Death is only the beginning" for us HSC students ;) Later all be seeing u at party soonish I hope

09-10-04 - Hey Everyone for those who just recently found out about this site after Sarah's. I wasn't around most of the night so my apologies for not getting around to too many pictures. Also I'd like to say happy birthday to Sarah on Wednesday (I think) and thanks for having us and I'm sure more people than expected turned up but hey it was fun. Well I had fun so meh. Anyways Thanks to Sophie and Cays for taking photos again... Damn HSC is causing me too much stress and I just can't be bothered to go around taking photos anymore but once my exams are over oh I'll be a new man. I'll be seeing u in a gutter nearest you ;) Hmm mind needs sleep right now but damnt...

Ok for anyone who is fed up with the crappy download speeds of some of the older galleries, I've got a solution for you... I'm building an offline version of the whole website for those who want it. I'm not charging for it and you can pirate it all you want so just give me a hail at my email or add me to MSN and I'll see what I can do for you (Email is at the very bottom). The CD will be up to date with the latest gallery and there are a few things on there I've added just for fun but I'll explain that another day. Everything will also be very quick to load. So yea if anyone wants one or wants to ask me a question then just send me an email. Oh and it's not 100% yet with all my studies so it might still have a few bugs but I'm pretty sure it'll work alright so don't know...

Next, Jacob from Turramurra High lost his camera a while back, it's a black Kodak DC3200. I know it's kinda late but I've been really busy so hadn't had time to update here so meh. Better late than never... Anyways If you've seen it or know anything about it give me a shout and I'll pass it on to Jacob.

Hmm I thinks that's all for now. Also my best wishes to all the year 12 doing their HSC in like 9 days as I'm having a bitch of a time studying. Oh well until next time my friends...

24-09-04 - Back from Luke's but damn I've been outa the loop too long. We so got maggoted man I can barely write this fuck. Anyway it was a smashing night for all those who turned up. Basically everyone got maggoted at Luke's tonight, I certainly did. There ain't many pictures tonight cauz I was fucking passing out upstairs at John's after beer bonging so much shit I can't really remember. I am so wasted right now. I like just recently woke up from pissville but I think Eric deserves a lot of kudos for taking pictures for me while I was out but neither the less he was trashed when I left but damn so fucking fun tonight. Congratulations to all Year 12 that graduated and I'll be seeing all of you in the gutter nearest you after HSC of course. Too bad for those who did not come but I'm sure you were there in spirit. This day has been one of the best in my life I'd think. Also thanks to all who signed my diary, I'm running outa pages now but I'll bring it to Sarah's for those who missed it but it's basically all in our year and some others who I've had great times with over these 6 or more years. Tonight probably marks the end of our schooling but not necessary the fun. We shall have to drink more after the HSC. I look forward to getting wasted with all and everyone of you. These past years have been one of the most enjoyable of all times. I wish to thank you all for this great time and look forward to more drunken madness in the future. It's been a pleasure and honour updating this website for everyone and I look forward to the next time we meet again but now sleep beckons.... Enjoy all :)

Adios mis amigos......

PS. I think I got everyone who wanted their picture up on the front but in my drunken state I could have missed it so in advance if I forgot about you then I'm sorry but remind me next time and it'll be up for sure. Thanks all.....

24-09-04 - Woah, What a day. Today is our last day of High School. We have made it. Today we graduated from ABHS and marks the end of both much pain and much joy. HSC is around the corner but for today lets PARTY!!!! Probably be seeing everyone tonight at Luke's everyone from school both boys and Girls are invited automatically anyone else got to check back with Luke tho. More about that later tonight. Well as I said we passed today, there's a few pictures of frantic shirt signing and all of us embracing our end of school which lead to some interesting pictures. Cass I never knew u lived in Matt's anus. oh well we'll figure this out later on.

After the ceremony some of us got a bus and went there most of the others went by cars but almost everyone turner up which was pretty cool. The Surf was so cold it almost hurt when you first got in but then again I might be exaggerating a little bit. Camera got thrown around so all these weird warped shots came out but I got some heaps good ones of ppl we don't often see at parties so yeah if those guys want the full sized picture then send me an email and I'll reply with what you want or just send me a message. Whatever floats your boat. Most enjoyable day today. Signing out for now I'll see you at Luke's oh and if anyone has good pictures from the graduation then you're welcome to send the to me and I'll put them up for all to see. Like wise for the girls if they did take any pictures. For anyone who cares I'm making this CD filled with all our galleries and it's basically the same but just quicker to load so if anyone wants one send me an email and I'll make you one. More details another time. Also I'm planning on giving the address of this website to Mr. Philip and the teachers of ABHS as a final gift titled "When you thought we were studying" si It should be interesting.

For now I'm off to start drinking!!!!! me outa here.....

11-09-04 - Mornin' children how was your night at Mel's? Well wasn't it a trek getting there? Bah but it was a wonderful time there even though I wasn't drinking again :( Meh but what can u do when ur sick and got HSC around the corner? Thanks to Luke, Eric and co my bloody throat is hurting again.... tossers are burning everything they get their hands on. Oh the Irony of you guys burning in hell amuses me, looking back at your pyro obsession but that's just me... Any way not too many pictures this time as I said wasn't drunk and I'm sick. Also pretty hard to work with as the outside area made all the pictures look Smokey and the inside was often too cramp so it was too bright but I think all the people who took some pictures did a great job so Kudos to Hannah and I think Phil did some err right now I can't think of anyone else but then again it's the thought that counts so Thanks :) Hmm so thanks to Mel and folks for having us on this windy day and hope everyone had fun. I miss anything?

Au revoir mes amis.....

29-08-04 - Ahh interesting night it's 3:42 and I've been passing out i think. It's been a while since I've been drinking. Tonight was Rhiannon's party and yes it has been a while man that beer bong is bad news. Oh well at least I regain conscious to be typing this shit. I really need to sleep now. Baka never mind but it's been a while and it feels weird doing this stuff now when I'm drunk. I'm sure to fix this tomorrow when I'm actually sober tomorrow but I'm going to be in so much shit. Meh figure it out tomorrow but anyway yeah it was Rhi's 18th and it was heaps fun with heaps of people turning up but we didn't up up all the hall. Hmm it might be the alcohol in me talking but I had a great time but but damn goon it's been a while. My mind is still fucked god oh well I'm talking out of my ass now. Well might type something more constructive tomorrow when my mind is alcohol free. So yeah Happy Birthday Rhi even tho it was like a month ago or something and hope everyone's trials went ok. A few galleries are going to be down tonight I'll fix them up tomorrow or later on I'm too drunk and main thing is to get pictures up so meh later.

Me off to sleep now....................

04-08-04 - Hello again. Well I've got trials coming up but i was bored and didn't fell like studying so I'll just fix up kendall's pictures. Sorry about being late but yea I think that's all of them. Hope everyone does well in their Trials :D. Later......

25-07-04 - Well last night was an interesting night :|. I Started off at Matt Kendall's 18th party which was hell cool with free booze (for the record I've only been to 2... that's right 2 parties which supplied free booze) so yea thanks for that Kendall hope u guys didn't get too drunk and hurry up and send me those pictures already. Yea so I had to leave around 9ish and went to visit good old Lucky C as it was his 18th birthday as well and boy did he celebrate it. That Devil's own crap with 50% alcohol will make u go blind Luke remember that :D but I guess we are going to get some 95% alcohol which is so going to kill us for schoolies, boy I can't wait :D Back on track well didn't drink again tonight being driver does have it's drawbacks :( Yea so what can I say umm wish I got blind drunk with Luke and to those fucktards with the CBC shit, I say Geez Grow up you're going into your last bloody year of school try focusing on studying retards :S Oh well yea thanks to Bede I guess he took much of the photos you see now but he was involved with all this retarded crap so Baka..... Anyway had like 9 billon ppl tell me to do something tonight so sorry if I forgot but I promise next time I'll do what u wanted me to do. I think that covers most of it so I'm off now take care everyone and Happy Birthday Luke and Kendall (even though Kendall is like in a week and Luke's was last Wednesday).

Keef out.

18-07-04 - Sorry for the delay but the pictures at Tim's are up I think. Umm been very busy moving galleries around but if you are reading this then I've finished so yay :D. Also stupid host is pissing me off but I've got so much crap to do it's almost not funny oh well but yea I went to Tim's other night night and was pretty cool. Heaps of ppl and love that strobe light thingy and the smoke machine. Damn light almost gave me seizures looking at it but hey. Shame the cops showed up but still had a good time. This time I didn't take 1 single picture as I'm still sick and didn't stay that long... damn throat infection. Oh well that'll teach me to drink in the rain won't it..... Hmm so yeah was a good night and thanks to Amanda, Caysey and whoever else took pictures but now i got to put face to name so many I don't know :S Bah oh well time to start studying bloody trials coming up in a few weeks :( Later now.......

10-07-04 - Damn you Lee and your urban dictionary, Well It's like 3:30 now and I've only just started doing the bloody pictures. Oh boy it's going to be a long night........ So tonight was the Birthday of Clare. Happy Birthday dear and thanks to Clare and Rachel for having this party. Umm got pretty maggoted tonight which is always fun :D I'm trying to remember what I'm supposed to write... Umm Nikki had a few with the beer bong so did George so the next victim would have to be Emma...... Come on you know you want to!!! Submit to peer pressure.... Resistance is fertile!!!!! Bah well girls welcome to the wonders of us alcoholics! Err yeah majority of these pictures were taken by caysey so thanks again saving me when I decide to get tanked :) fun fun oh well Tim's is coming up as well as one eyed so yea should be interesting. Also while I remember Lee wants to remind us of the crazy site urban dictionary is to him and send forth these links for us all to see like Lee, Scrotum Bee, Munglies (Lee tells me this is what Bingham has ;) ) and Upper decking to name a few. So this is why I'm fucking typing in my sleep cauz me and lee after his little sneakiness got him a lot of chocolate and we stayed up bloody half the night looking for new words was it lee? Meh all the same check back on Kongo as Lee tells me he added one. Ok I'm off I'm basically going to die now so take it easy ya all and have a great holidays.

Later, Keef.

PS I'll do the front page pictures tomorrow tonight fuck I am so fucking dead and it's 4 in the fucking morning. Fuck me.........

PPS Meh It might just be me but couldn't really find anything special so bah. Also sory for the speeling mestake I nott alawys like this ;)

09-07-04 - Hey hey hey we are back with another instalment of pictures from Lartz's 18th Birthday. Heaps of people turned up and it was a blast of a night with heaps of crap sent through the deadly beer bong with dire consequences but all in all very fun indeed. So yea Happy Birthday to Kris and hope he has a great one. It just seems it was like yesterday we were at Kris' getting wasted about a year ago here. Ahh those were the good old days with no HSC lingering at the back of your mind when you scull a whole passion pop (yuck Luke how could you???!?!?!) through this homemade contraption. God i miss those days..... but hey go to take what life throws at you so bring it on I'll just wait for after HSC then we will truly be masters of drinking MUHAHAHAHAHA....... so anyway back on topic umm Lartz. Everyone got majority wasted beer bottles EVERYWHERE umm rob wants me to tell everyone that George got with Bede but i can't prove or disprove it so meh. Umm also thanks to those who helped take pictures u know who u are. Hmm Bede is a devo. Lartz can't scull for crap ;). I'm sure some more tad bits will come back to me later on..... Also George's pictures are temporary down for just some reshuffling. Yea that's about it for now so hope everyone had fun and thanks goes to lartz + family for allowing us to get wasted at their place. Happy Birthday Kris!!!!.

Later ya all

07-07-04 - The retards who went camping are back with another moronic showing of their strangely high levels of intelligence by going camping in fucking winter. Clap clap for you guys :S So anyway some of us (thank god not me) decided to go on this little trip up the centre coast just like old times yea so i think it was 3 cars set off to go camping in probably the middle of no where and get tanked in bloody winter!!!! Really if one of them died it'll probably have been a good thing for it would be 1 less of them to containment our gene pool with their genes fuck........ Ok enough with the flaming. I'm just pissed off cauz I had a fucking physics revision in the morning today fuck you Rob and Eric thanks for messaging me back dickheads. So anyway my brain is wasted now and I'm just typing anything that comes into my simple drug suppressed mind now at approximately 3:21 in the morning..... Oh glorious day I would say well stuff you stooge. Yea where was I umm yea so these guys decided to get wasted in the freezing cold AND do a heap of retarded stuff. Well my hats (if i was wearing one) comes off for you fellas as you guys obviously show us who's got half a brain or missing it. So for those of you who want to know want happened then I'm guessing it's pretty much like last time but with a beer bong as many of you can see, that is guys go up coast, guys get majority wasted, guys do stupid things that almost get them killed, guys get pissed off, guys do more retarded things, guys return after having there ways with each other's assholes :S nasty......... Well now you know and knowing is half the battle!!. Continuing I'll say some more shit about these losers but my brain just fucking died so damn you umm ok..................... nope might add some more crap later on but be warning these pictures are seriously fucked up. WARNING SIRENS GOES OFF ABOUT now.

Peace out.

03-07-04 - Damn what a bloody blast!! For all those who didn't come we got this beer bong cranking where u can drink like any drink in like 2 seconds cauz it just pushes itself down ya throat :P Bede, Bingham, Lee and Luke + others will know what i mean ;) I had about 12 beers tonight but most of them were through the beer bong which is so mad, I mean I'm still tipsy now as I type this and no one threw up using the beer bong which is cool umm yea we'll be seeing more of it coming around these holidays and enjoy it while it lasts. Also Hellos goes out to all those came tonight and made it such a mad night, quite a few go out to all those who came from Turramurra High so Hello boys + girls hope you had fun (u know who u are) ;) Not much happened really I got really wasted from using the beer bong so most of these pictures are taken courtesy of Caysey. Thanks for like over half these pictures when I'm passed out in the front :P So many many Kudos goes out to her and anyone who helped I guess. For me I was too into getting wasted so meh next time. I'm so sleepy now and I can't think straight so I might fix all this crap up tomorrow so Take care now ya all and I'll be seeing you very soon ;)

BTW lots of pictures were taken by other people's cameras I think so pop by to Jacob's site who has a few pictures but I'll check with him so meh. Well could be beer induced hallucinations but I'm sure other ppl had their cameras along with them. Take it easy now and have a good holiday.

08-06-04 Update #2 - Well it's kinda of different but what the hell... Ems here, writes this for everyone to see :D Click on the pics Ava and Zachary are pretty cute :)

lil ava and zachary , twins and have a great new Aunty Em!

ems time in QLD

WELL i got to see my brother and of those of you who dont know i have a brother and sister in sunny QLD ... my sisters married to a man (Keef-Really? when did they start doing that? :P) ... and my brothers great! hes 28 and shes 31 (i think around those ages), recently, as in 12 weeks ago, and i went with papa bear to go and visit them...... we stayed in alot BUT i went to the brisvegas markets!!! and boy is that MY STYLE!!! i went nuts as per usual when i get cheap bargains... i.e markets or op shops! asquith oppas is the best but give me bondi markets any day and ill be sweet to wander free spirited without a care in the world.....

So ill show u a great buy if ull let me.... ill take you to op shop heaven where the air is sweet and we can scull by the gallon....
seeings ure finding out my life story hows about i tell you a bit about my pooch

names shadow and shes small, most of u know her shes the small ball of fuzz walking around the mc block with pappa every night..

ill give keefy some credit for making this about me.... HES THE MAN!

EMS TRADEMARKS- crazzzzzzzzzed! and choccy breaka milk 6pk poppas

the fish- i once had a fish called spidy... he was one of my best mates... he spoke to me at night and came when i said 'feed time spidy!' spidy was named after my first love spiderman.. SPIDERMAN 2 OUT SOON!!! come see it with me everyone and give me support&..one night he decided to be teken to a higher place... my angels took him and hes in safe hands now
RIP Spidy Gough

Thanks EMS xxx
crrrazzzzzzzed outta here!

     Umm ok well i hope you had fun while reading that cauz my mind is certainly mushier and craziered so meh hope u liked that and take care. Also for those faggots who play runescrape - You suck! stop ur stupid runefaggotry and actually do something worth while (heh just realised me typing this stuff is pretty much like runescrape sitting on my arse but at least it's for a good cause.) so yea if u see one of these runefags give them a kick for me thanks and take care :D

08-06-04 - Ben's Party photos are up :) Now sorry I couldn't be there but yea I guess I was there in spirit. Also hope you like ur present Ben ;) Umm Don't know what else to say. Seems like it was a great night. oh yeah and sorry for being so late I've being very busy so meh. Yea so I hope you have a good one and if u didn't already know everybody loves ya :P take it easy now.......

05-06-04 - Hey Hey Hey, How ya all? It was a beautiful Friday night with the moon shining upon us and the music cranking and we journeyed into deep Berowra Heights for George's place stumbling around.... But alas we found thee and boy was it fun :D But tonight I was driving so no booze for me but it still was fun tonight so there you go all ya alco's out there... you can still have fun when ur sober. George's was a great night with heaps of people and lots of drinking as you can see from the above. Sigh how I wish I could have been one of them... oh well can't change that now so I'll just keep on writing and writing and writing and writing while sitting here all sober and cold at 2:07 am at night....... meh enough about me yes was a fun night heaps of people turned up and got tanked was bloody fun to watch especially Haack and Michael Clyne so yea fun fun fun. Enjoy la pictures stupid batteries got to get more not that many pictures but hey still got a hundred or so. Take is easy now.

I'm outa here :P

PS. Sorry guys forgot well this week we have seen a few ppl grow 1 year older. Wednesday it was John he turner 18, Friday it was both Jo and Atsu's 17th and Today Saturday it's Ben Howell's 18th. So champs it's been a interesting week. Take care and oh yea this is John with the 12 can's of Pineapple juice and a CLAW HAMMER that we bought him..... Ha ha he likes his pineapple juice ;)

02-06-04 - Stupid bloody Web host..... Oh well I've ran out of precious bandwidth from web host so time to move on. I think I've moved everything to a new host that I think Scott told me about so thanks Scott. Umm yea so moved to a new host and it seems alright so meh. Later all hope ya all had a good strike day :D

30-05-04 - Here's a special picture for everyone... It's Tom's background on his xbox ;) You can whack it on your desktop if you want and comes in size of 1024 x 768 .... guess it doesn't really matter but here it is. Enjoy :D (Hope you all like my paint elite two-o-seven skillz ;) and yes i know seven is spelt wrong, just so u can tell the difference between those guy's ones and mine)

29-05-04 - "Lets get blind!!" was the last thing I can bloody remember gee i've been drinking truckloads tonights being a bloody blur but i do remember chipping tom's xbox before we gave it to him with also lots of umm inappropriate ... interesting? .... how should i bloody put this ... well he's got heaps of umm pleasurable movies if u get what i mean ;) yea that'll do :D bah so yea HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!!!!!!! I'm sure u said our xbox was heaps better than that 51" flat screen TV the girls got ya :P I mean look at all the stuff we got u :D I mean you can watch all the **stuff** we gave u on this phat screen but u can also play games on the xbox.. sweet so yea hope you had craploads of fun cauz i certainly did and love all ur presents :P Tonight was a fucking blast can't really remember it all as I'm still under the influence at bloody 2:30 in the morning and i got to bloody work at 11 in the morning :'( I'm going to get a massive hang over not good. Massive turn out at Tom's tonight and hails goes out to all those who couldn't come so until next time sorry bros and ladies :) Hmm I can't really think of anything with my brain still floating in alcohol so yea probably remember more tomorrow take care now ya all and remember......

207 FOREVER!!!! Respect

.... I wonder why I do this :S Later ladies and gentlemen (I use this term losely ;) ) and Thank you Tom and parents and relatives for hosting such a great night and luv you all espically tom as he'll love his xbox for sure ;) Night night

PS - Also introduced this new guy called Muslav Svennovic.... apperently he's some famous musican or something so yea have a look under links :) Font has being updated i think it looks alright tell me if u don't like it :) later might think of doing some other stuff to the site later on.

15-05-04 - Ahh what a night had so much fun at Elly's (hope I'm spelling this right :P, I'm still drunk :) ) So anyway went to Elly's party to night and had heaps of fun plus meet loads of ppl so yea fun night. I think more ppl than expected turned up oh well nothing major happened. Ahh why am I doing this when I'm still under the influence?? damn you rob DAMN YOU so u bloody happy now Rob??? you got ur damn pictures up and I'm so fucked mmm might tie this up and get to bed so yea Elly's was fun and interesting, thanks to her and her parents for hosting it and lots of love goes out to ya all :P Take care now.. I've got a bad feeling about something mmm oh well later all I'm off to so great sleep :).... Keef out.

11-05-04 - Bah I'm bored so moved some old news to the achieve and moved all the description into a new page. If you hadn't noticed they are both pretty bare as like just black and white, the reason for this and the lack of pansy flashing crap everywhere is that I'm trying to keep everything as simple as possible so and also it means it's simpler for me during those late nights :) (4am doing all those damn pics) and also doesn't require ppl to spend 5 mins loading as not everyone has broadband so meh..... well that was my 5 cents worth but i guess it's whateva floats ur boat oh well i'm outa here got heaps o homework :'( Bah later ladies and gentlemen (hmm i don't believe any of us qualify for that last one :P) Take care :)

10-05-04 -  Hey hey hey well it's been a quiet few weeks with our last term around time flies doesn't it? Ahh well we've have fun these many years right? well but i guess the fun doesn't have to stop here i mean most of us will still see each other after high school and by then we'll be 18 so MUAWHAHAHAHAHA path of destruction here we come :P Bah this place has a place to write down my thoughts and feelings so yay hope you've all had fun these years cauz i certainly did :) Good thing is i'll keep on trying to update this as much as i can and also get tanked as often as i can with ya drunkens so it'll be cool I shall still be around after our HSC unless that is I some how get killed up at schoolies :/ in that case well..... we'll see how fate is :) So just a ramble cauz i got time and I wanted to show off a few more Urban dictionary links that are kinda interesting like Fuck You and those who are easily offended might not this one but hey i'm not.... so why would any of you's be? :) Asian bah so yea i guess i'm off now take care and i'll see you all around :)

26-04-04 - Well I'll be damned.... Bloody School has crept up on us again. Well fellas it was nice knowing you all so once again we journey into the belly of Hell. Oh great fun :S Well tonight was a sober one for me.... oh well someone has to be the dedicated driver once in a while so yeah my turn but as you can see from above I made the most of it by sculling about a litre of milk during our drinking game which was just as fun and retarded :P So this time we treked to Berowra to give the wicked wizard KC a visit and oh yea if u hadn't already got it yes I got my P's so yay for me :) mmm this time around we didn't get as many pictures as we first thought. There are two reasons for this 1) Mainly cauz I was giving lift's the whole freaking night and 2) Matt or whoever it was kept on taking shots too close which makes it all white and doesn't really help so yeah only a few this time but next time I'm so going to get tanked :) Fun Fun umm yea so KC's was fun seeing how we go back to school on Wednesday and be recondemned to the deepest layers of hell they call YEAR 12......... Oh well so yea thats about it from a sober me. Enjoy the final day of your holidays guys and gals we going back to a 10 week living hell sigh thank you very much.

Oh well so hope I be seeing you all soon but take care now and luv goes out to all of ya :P have fun and take it easy. Keef out.

PS. Also forgot to mention that when you click on a small picture from now on it opens a large photo which is the native size of the picture it's 1024x768 in size so it's about twice as big as before so if you think it's too big i'll see what to do about it. All of the large photos have been cropped down to three quarters size on viewing but that's a long story if anyone using dial-up can tell me if it's any different from before and yea thanks heaps.

24-04-04 - I just want to quickly show this off as I think this is pretty neat :) Hope you enjoy :P Kongo Sounds most like the second one down to me. So fuck ya Kongo that that.. :) Also my name has something to do with pot plants or something check it out yourself :) how convenient ;) Keef Well holidays are about up so it's back to school but good news is I got ma P's so i'll be running you over soon :) DIE DIE DIE........... Oh well take care now C ya around

14-04-04 - Well I've been busy and Fiddled around with the left hand side and I've moved all the old pictures on to a server elsewhere so they got a banner at the top of them and they might load a bit slow but all the same. What this means is that i can put the heaps good pictures up on the faster web space and we are all happy.... i might redesign this page a bit so feel free to get pissed off at me cauz i'm just going to be like \ / \ / ------- Whatever!?!?!?!?!?!?! so enjoy :) Also got to a few things to do and if u still me I'll see what i can do so the usual email is down at the bottom and have fun during these holidays :) Peace out fellas :P

13-04-04 - Once again reunited with our drunken friends yay :) well due to popular demand i'm doing this at 2:09 in the F-ing morning and i'm dead tired so if i insult anyone then so be it meh.... Alright after like 2 years matt has finally got his damn name on this website... he damn sure took his time but in the end he made it thats what important but i'm just rambling still bah screw u lee love u and hate u so much for making me do this :S Umm yea so it's Easter so if ur religious then plz remember Jesus for what he did so respect :P Umm yea ok what else did i need to say.... well so i hope u enjoy ur Easter long weekend but it's school holidays for us anyway so bah. Okay yea so Matt has finally made his way to this website and oh yea the pictures are kinda crap thats cauz i haven't got a decent thingy pobberdy yet so I'm just going to be lazy and screw u all over yea ha ha bah so need sleep thanks heaps lee -_- well yea so if u want a better picture any of them just ask me and i'll send it to ya they actually look pretty good just the website fucks it all up. Also just like old times ppl are always chucking up so hope phil feels better tomorrow and those destroying Asquith Public got home fine. Umm can't really think of what else I needed to do so i'll get back to ya tomorrow when i'm sobered up.... so peace out homies and take care don't push urself too hard these holidays and we will be able to party onwards next time :)

Live long and prosper as the good old vulcan says :) Take it easy fellas.......

04-04-04 - Heh heh look at the date.... wow got to clear off all this dust damn it's been a while hasn't it boys and girls? Well as most of you probably know most of us Year 12 (yes year 12 ^^ Look how far we have come and check out how fast time goes by ahh do you still remember the days of year 6..... cauz I don't... damn alcohol ;) LOOK AT ME NOW!!! ahem) alrighty back to the point ahh yes most of us are in exams well at least most of the guys. The way I hear it most of the girls have it easy now but oh well shit happens meh :P Alrighty although I was drinking at Murrays but someone **cough** Mark **cough** forgot the old camera so yea but that was a while ago and btw Murray is now 18 so he would be one of the eldest around so respect goes to our elders (aka old folk j/k) ;). Hmm yea got a new camera  and seems to eat less batteries than before but it's harder do the pictures later on so I got to look for a web server sigh look what I do for friends sigh my life is so depressing :S... Oh well i'll cut myself short and so thanks to Robbie Clark for tonight and hope there not too much crap in the morning and the best of luck for the rest of the Vanuatu team i'll name them next time around when i can be bothered to fix this damn site up. Alrighty summing up - Good luck to all ya fellas doing half yearlys (I still got Physics, Chem and IT... moan with me :) ), thanks to Rob, Sorry about all da drunkens (Jordon and Nikki... see I didn't take any damn photos of you :P) and hope everyone had fun so i'm off to get some much needed sleep and leave with the sad note that my primary school teacher, Mrs Stenning died a few days ago from cancer so my condolences goes to James and the rest of the family. All us Hornsby Northers should remember James and Mrs Stenning or has the alco/pot really stuffed you up this time?? So take it easy hope you all have a good Easter and hopefully be seeing you around. Take care...

Keef out :P

**Woops my bad had spelt Mrs Stenning "Steinner" well it really showed me how u could be drunk even though u didn't drink that much and not to write shit up when it's freaking 2:30 in the bloody morning. Well lesson learnt Sorry all PS it was Jordon's shit upstairs and so nice of him to leave it there thanks heaps.

24-01-04 - Camping... Before we even arrived at camp matt decides he wants to avoid arrest!! anywayz to hear the rest of the craziness that went on up in hawksnest you'll have to ask!!! For the guys that said they couldnt come suck my dick as it was the best trip away i've probably ever had! For those not invited there's always next time!! muhahaha it was a four day trip where most of it cant actually be remembered by myself as i was usual drunk! oh well...  By Lee and KC PS Keef loves you all and rob is not happy but comes back for more so yay.

01-01-04 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! It's been so long hasn't it? I'm dusting all the crap off here now but kids PLZ don't try this at home ;) I'm trying to type this stuff at 4:16 in da morning yes that's fucking right 4:16 most of you fellows would have been fast asleep by now but noooooo everyone want them up by tomorrow and knowing me that would have been around 1ish in the arvo and i can't sleep with such a high alcohol concentration level anyway so Meh... So Hi everyone long time no see but hopefully we'll be seeing much more of this stuff need more parties before the dread of Mordor... I mean school returns ;) So I'll make this short and wish everyone a Happy New Year and even to those who didn't turn up last night. Hope Luke, Rob and Tim will be fine the next day you guys looked terrible when I last saw you. Enjoy.... Nighty night everyone....

**BTW Ander's first party will be down temporary until I can be bothered to fix it

14-10-03 - Yay I've done something for a change and made the menu look smaller. Do you like it? Hmm older pictures are back and i've reduced lots of writing... Old pictures are on some located somewhere else so might load slower but hey who still looks at those ;) Oh yeah school restarted so yay back to my good old depressing self HURRAH!!........ sigh I can't be bothered might go and cry in my corner and did anyone know kc has elephantitis!!!!! and rob is a shemale!!!!!!! Let me see oh yeah old news moved to achieve page which is here or underneath all this text. Sigh back to homework....... Later all..

12-10-03 - Hmm This is in the aftermath of Zac's Party and my dad isn't happy at all I think he doesn't like me drinking at parties and he ain't happy but oh well this will probably be my last party for a long while so doesn't matter as most of us are going into Year 12 :( YAY!!! Year 12 the year that is most important to us.... Sigh so many of us hmm creating a list will be stupid but right now my thought are kinda fucked up.... I'm sorry to Emma as ur crazy photo didn't come out right so i'll take another of u next time so love you... hmm I love u rob and matt as well damn vodka does weird things to me ;) Hmm I wonder where turner was..... I thought he was coming along... Oh well I had damn great fun at Zac's so love ya mate and I hope you do well in ya tests but tisk it's always a good day to die that's why i drink so much sigh..... Hmm better go soon so hope u have fun in hospital Eric for what Tim done to ya we'll bash him for ya ;) Damn Tim he's going to die but at least u didn't get amnesia like me :P Hope all the Year 11's going into year 12 good luck in their next year for we will all need it. Signing out Keef Love u all :)

26-09-03 - YAY, It's the holidays and all of us boys failed our exams Yay.......err fuck. Oh well such is life..... I got some more space I **think** so should be good. I added a few things here and there got a new site to go to under in links it's a site by Jacob Cass who goes to Turramurra High so Yeah Hi ;) He also has a website but the main one is down right now so just his pictures are up. Umm nothing much has been happening so it's very boring... WARNING BAC reaching critical levels Need Urgent Party to refuel alcohol levels!!!!! Yea need party soon and with holidays here I'm waiting for them :)

12-09-03 - I'M ALIVE!!!!! Well if you are reading this then no our boat didn't sink or get blown up or anything. The night went very smoothly and I want to congratulate the cruise committee for throwing such an event. Thank you :) See I can be a gentleman so IT PROVES YOU ALL WRONG BAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! umm back to the point err I've taken the games down and as well as the swimming carnival pics (they are getting so old) :/ need more space..... Oh yeah If you have scanned any picture you took on film and want the whole bloody world to see then by all means send it to me :) Email is at the bottom. Next order of business is...... Hmm I want to bitch some more about the good choice of date to have a major event (September 11, damn I mean that is not a good day to celebrate) but I'm just too tired :( But I guess that's what u get when you go to a cruise and then go to school the next day :'( Alright I'll sign out now and enjoy your pictures and I hope all of you who went had a great time :) Love ya all Keef ^ ^

5-09-03 - Hey everyone how we all doing? We all recovered from our various sicknesses yet? Myself, my back still hurts from running into that damn tree but I'll probably get over it :) Hmm we got cruise coming up on September 11, it's a Thursday and in less that a week.... Talk about picking a bloody awesome day to have a cruise, thanks heaps if we get sunk or something I'LL TAKE THIS TO THE GRAVE YA HEAR?? Ahem I'm only joking ;) , I'm expecting it to be a heaps good night and very well worth it so if you still can get tickets, try cauz I heard these girls put alot of effort into getting us this boat so we should be damn thankful....

Ok put that a side I just added a handful of pictures sent to me by Tahnee and taken with Niss's camera down at the snow. They are at the end of the pics I took in the gallery "The Snow (Kinda)". Also for those of you who don't already know Tahnee and them are wonderful people from Coff's Harbour and we met at the snow. Right I better be off got lots to do as I got a damn Maths letter home >< Grr and exams are coming up..... sigh got to have a party soon and clear away all the troubles. Take it easy and keep it real all, Love always Keef :)

25-08-03 - Right well we're all back from the snow recovering from all kinds of different sicknesses but we had great fun down there and met some really great people that you could say made the trip that much better (:P) Anyway Life is too short for me to be bitching on so much just look at all the crap below :(...... I Didn't get much photos see how no alcohol but the ones we did get came out good :) So a new Gallery time yay!... Oh yeah if by now you still haven't heard yes I did get a bloody concussion and had amnesia and I lost one day of snow boarding so damn tree.... Well I hope at least I killed the tree... Right Guys??? Guys... GUYS???.....  come back.... Ahem well I'll be off now... tut tut tut

30-07-03 - Oh shit Assessment task due tomorrow and I can't be bothered to do it.... Oh well just telling u fools the Large pictures of rob has been fixed so take that you whingers :) sorry about that just couldn't be bothered to play around with crossing two servers..... never mind but anyway it's fixed so see you all around love Keef :P

BTW have fun at camp girls :) WE ARE GOING IN TWO WEEKS!!!! WOOT

18-07-03 - Ouch my head hurts :( First of all, fuck the coppers last night they fucking suck. Fuck it's not like we are going to go and kill people or something like that fuck. I'm just pissed off why they even turned up damn i mean nothing was going wrong just maybe a few things stolen.. that also reminds me whoever was stealing shit last night is damn disrespectful and shame on them. I'm sorry to everyone who had something stolen from them and I hope they get it back but back to the coppers. Fuck I mean we were all having a great time before they arrived and what were we doing wrong?? I couldn't see a single thing (but that was probably because i was too fucking piss faced lol ;)) I wish they would just go and arrest some murderers or something fuck what did we do fucking wrong?? damn coppers. Well besides from the copper incident I believe we all had a great time and I'd like to thank Luke and his mum for allowing us to have a party at their place while it lasted. Also Happy Birthday to Luke and Rhiannon and hope you like your presents from Me, Eric, John, Tim and Sammy D. I'll shut up about the coppers now Later Everyone :P

Also Since Kendle's Servers ain't coming yet I'll have to get rid of some of the old galleries for the new ones but i'll keep on to them and when i get some more space I'll put them back up since they are so valuable :) So currently Luke's first party is down for a short time. Shit also only like 4 days of holidays remaining :(

13-07-03 - Hello my good friends it's glad to see all of you again during our school holidays :) Well it's not really any special occasion but Rob our crazy friend decided to have another party and I'll say good on him for him. I'll make this short and sweet cauz seriously I'm running outa room and i think I'll have to move everything over to kendle's sever cauz I'm fresh outa ideas for now. Oh well I'm out for the rest of the day ;) BTW Thanks to Rob, Jen, Archer and Kate for the great night and hope your place ain't too trashed ;) You thanks alot for letting us come and I hope everyone who went had a great night :) Yeah rob you're a cockbite btw just letting the world how i feel about u being gay........ just trailing off now. tut tut tut help :)

Umm oh yeah Matt I don't see your name on the list of party hoster thingy people.. ;) I'm just rubbing it in don't mind me :) Later all. I'll Update the Large Pictures Section and the Front-page later on when I sorted out the new server thingy cheers (the small pictures work fine).

21-06-03 - Good Morning Everyone. Welcome back to Uncle Keef's Kool Picture Gallery. I'm updating with some new pictures and some more crazy stuff might pop up sooner or later. Well, Josh, Sorry you couldn't go but me and KC made a good attempt to send a message to you all the way out in Campbelltown (excuse my spelling?). Thanks to Anders for hosting a wonderful night and I hope you are alright in the now :/ Bah. A party at last, I guess and it was really cool. Well Fixed up the gallery page and updated this page and forgot to say that the camera got fucked up and some of the pictures didn't come out right so sorry if your picture wasn't included :( .... Meh Peace out people and Thanks again to Anders :) Also it's been pointed out to me that we should all thank Ander's Mum and Dad for letting us party over at his place so if you see either of them give them a thank you or something so THANKS FOR ALLOWING US TO HAVE THE PARTY!! We love you :)

16-05-03 - Just added a few games to the people who get bored at school and don't want to download any games or anything. Look below the link to the message boards. When I get more I'll add them to the list but for now there should be a few there for people to play around with so enjoy. Oh yeah If you haven't already come and join our message boards and have your say in our little community.

11-05-03 - Ok I've been looking around for this for a while now and after much pressure from some people I've finally put up a message board. It's not hosted here and it's made by someone else but it should still be good. The direct URL is http://keefeatsbeef.proboards2.com or you can click on the link on top of the menu. Everyone is invited to join the message board and post something at least. You can place messages there telling me to do something or whatever u feel like posting it's your choice. Oh well hope you all enjoy it so catch ya around children :P

09-05-03 - Wow today is like a milestone for me. I haven't yet to throw up yet since like 5 months or something. Again back by popular demand I'm writing this while semi drunk so don't mind the mistakes and other crap. Well today was Caysey Party and how fucking cool was it. I'd rate it as probably very high along with Rob, Anders and Matt's parties. Oh well I can't talk too long cause I'm still under the influence of alcohol ;) I've added a new gallery and gotten rid of the Auto Salon Gallery if you want the picture to that ask me or maybe later I'll put it back up but for now Meh. Ok I was suppose to say something about Caysey who is also known as HOT LOVER (beats me why you want to say that). Well I'll wish you that happiest Birthday every and I hope you really like the pictures as I like taking them and respect goes out to Captain Bedo and Ando Brothers that helped in taking the pictures

Oh well time to say good bye. Until next time Cool Cats :P See ya later.

3-05-03 - I'm feeling bored so I played around with the site. I've selected a few pictures in the School Galleries and delete most of them to reduce their size and I've combined them all into one section now. There has been a hit counter down the bottom but now it's been moved to the top and I've changed the colours around a bit. See Green = Party gallery, Purple = something to do with school and Pinkish colour = Funny shit from ever other gallery that I think are heaps funny put into one. The pictures of my work have been taken down and the Funny Weird Pictures gallery has been put up instead. It's a Gallery full of pictures that have once appeared on the front page or I think they are quality laughing shit so Enjoy. Also plz sign up at Lee's Party at mine site we want that to grow into a fucking huge community or something.

Catch ya all later ;)

27-04-03 - It seems like we fucking get pissed every month around the same time. Look at the dates see how they are around the same time each month, well anybody else think that's a bit crazy? Ok Last night was the fucking bomb it was sooooo good I couldn't believe it. To those people who missed it than don't fear there are more fish in the ocean, plenty more party's later on this year. ;)

Well I've updated the galleries and changed a few things but I'm yet to put a stupid message board in. Fucking Optus won't allow it so I'm looking into another option so meh. Well greetings to EVERYONE who went to Rob's it was so fucking good and I hope Rob fucking likes his sunnies. Also Pot = bad news so don't try it. And HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY ROB!!

Oh Well It's time for me to go, later cool cats :P

Keef (with red eyes from Rob's Crazy Party)

23-03-03 - Well today it's exactly a month after our last party and the pictures are up already. Damn I must be super human ;)

Oh well peace out :) BTW new site address it www.keefeatsbeef.vze.com

22-02-03 - Hello Updated Site with pictures of Chris's Party.

**Hey All, like the New site? Took me a while to do the crazy menu at the side so enjoy!. It's much easier to browse all the galleries now.

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